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It's Not Cool To Cherry Pick Scripture

Chicken George Wrote: Mar 29, 2013 2:12 AM
God has given us all the evidence He intends to give us. If you can't discern or recognize it, that's on you. He cannot be compelled to do tricks for you or owe you any explanations. He is God. You are not.
With Easter approaching and the Astroturf groundswell for same-sex marriage at its apex, I thought I'd put in a plug for the Bible, whose integrity and timeless principles are under increasing assault in our culture.

In fact, what sparked this column was a warning by a nationally prominent Republican to his party that it ought not go "Old Testament" and oppose same-sex marriage.

I don't want to turn this column into a rant about same-sex marriage, but I cite this example to illustrate a common tendency to bifurcate the Old Testament and the New Testament and to paint Jesus Christ as a...