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Expect "More Revenues" In Senate Dem Budget

Chicken George Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 6:25 PM
With the debt and Obamacare this is only the beginning of the taxes that out control spending will demand. Like every other socialized country the government will have to tax everything that moves or breaths and some things that don't.
On Meet the Press this morning, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer appeared alongside newly-elected Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to debate gun control and budget issues with David Gregory. He revealed what the American people can expect from elected Democrats: tax hikes.

"We're gonna do a budget this year," Schumer said, "and it's going to have revenues in it. And our Republican colleagues have to get used to that fact."

House Republicans announced this week that they'll bring a vote on raising the debt ceiling to the floor of the House of Representatives, but will attempt to use...