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I think she's probably right. That's why they aren't able to "win" on gun control, despite extreme events...There is no indentity group being "victimized" so no bigotry witch-hunt, so no liberal victory. If we on the right could get past our fear of being labelled "haters", we'd be dangerous.
Yeah. If you poll people on an issue-by-issue basis, it turns out that roughly 70% of them are libertarians. They don't vote for the party mostly because of inertia.
What's different? Then, the foreigners came from Britian. This time, they're from Kenya!
In fact, isn't that a microcosm of the Progressive Utopia? Manhattan is inhabited almost exclusively by effete, over-educated white millionaires who'd believe they were God's chosen (if they believed in God). The outer boroughs are a seething mass of brown, third-world humanity to ensure that the aforementioned Manhattanites have a steady supply of people to cook and wash their toilets for them (while feeling delightfully, tongue-cluckingly, paternalistic about the whole thing). Isn't that the Obama coalition in a nutshell? Isn't this the upstairs-downstairs binary that inflicted the Obamonster on our poor country? Ugh, makes me want to move to Texas - then secede.
Well, when people talk about "New York City", they are usually talking about Manhattan - that's where all the landmarks are. As far as the outer boroughs go - who knows? With the exception of "Manhattanite outposts" like Brooklyn Heights (watch "Girls" if you can stomach it for more than 5 minutes), no one in the OBs speaks English. I'd presume that the various Hondurans, Pakistanis, Nigerians and whatever else live in the OBs are accustomed to tin-pot dicatators, so Bloomberg must seem pretty tame by comparison. I can't tell - I don't speak UN.
If health insurance companies were allowed to price the way auto insurance companies do, the "health care crisis" would be solved. Thus a 16 year old with six tickets, two accidents and a drinking problem pays (a lot) more than a 50 year old with a sterling record. Likewise, an obese, hard-drinking chain-smoker should pay (much) higher premiums than someone who takes care of himself. The problem is, the government does NOT ALLOW this type of premium setting in medical insurance - it would be discrimination. So once again, government meddling in markets turns a neat and obvious solution into several problems.
The NYC "Tough Guy" is a Hollywood myth. I'm a farmer in upstate NY, and I occasionally sell stuff at a farmer's market in NYC. Pretty much everybody is a lisping, mincing, scrawny, self-indulgent fashion plate. And I almost never hear that "fugedaboutit" accent. They all sound like Andy D*ick, even the few heterosexual ones. Occasionally, you'll see a lesbian couple that looks like they could fight their way out of a wet paper bag, but that's about it. No wonder they submit to a miniHitler like Bloomberg - there isn't enough testosterone on the entire island of Manhattan to fill a 16 oz cup.
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The Downside of Orthodoxy

AgrarianBarbarian Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 8:59 AM
You are missing the point: The infamous "hug" might well have cost Republicans the election. His recent attack on the NRA and his porcine eagerness for Obamacare dollars doesn't make me see him as much of a standard-bearer for "our side", either.
Yeah - a school "gun-in" is in order. Every sane parent in America should pick a day, then send junior to school with the biggest, ugliest fake gun they can find at Toys R Us. We on the right have to learn how to "do" civil disobiedience now that the left is "The Man".
In a related story: Pretty Ponies Pinky Pie and Rainbow Dash were busted in an FBI sting when they tried to purchase a shoulder-fired antiaircraft missle from undercover agents. "Flying unicorns are an affront to Allah!" screamed Ms. Pie as she was being led away in handcuffs, "We must shoot them out of the sky!" Connections to Al-Quaeda, the Taliban or the dreaded Care Bear - Meinhoff gang are being investigated.
What do you mean "color of his skin"? I'm Irish, and Rubio is 3 or 4 shades lighter than I am. I work outdoors.
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