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So you are opposed to diversity. And you are opposed to free speech too. And you have evidence for that?
Just waiting for the next whiz to announce how war is good for us because it reduces population growth pressures.....
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Shorter White House: Ignore Gates' Memoir

agp1066 Wrote: Jan 09, 2014 9:00 PM
No, the theater commander asked for 90,000 troops and BHO only sent 30,000. No one, to my knowledge as ever stated how he came up with the 30,000 figure. BHO has, of course, tremendous military tactical skills.
There were, as I recall, five Republican healthcare bills introduced in Congress in 208-2010. A big one was Ryan-Coburn Patient's Alternative Care Act, and some others based on the successful Whole Foods and Safeway stores employee plans. I do not believe the government party which controlled both houses permitted any of them to come to the floor or even considered at the committee level. They took no truck with anything other than ObamaCare. As to healthcare costs, find the government healthcare cost study completed in the late 2000's that covered 40 years of healthcare cost inflation and found that costs took off in --- gasp--- 1965 under Lyndon Johnson. The Government Party solution, the ObamaCare solution, is price controls. The Republican solution is the free market place -- which we have not in healthcare since at least 1965.
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Setting Taxpayers on Fire in California

agp1066 Wrote: Oct 26, 2013 4:46 PM
Actually the most risky jobs are: 1. Logging workers 2. Fishers and related fishing workers 3. Aircraft pilot and flight engineers(that's aircraft, not necessarily airline flight crew) 4. Roofers 5. Structural iron and steel workers 6. Refuse and recyclable material collectors 7. Electrical power-line installers and repairers 8. Drivers/sales workers and truck drivers 9. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers 10. Construction laborers
Obama is not a King. Kings negotiate. Obama does not negotiate. Obama thinks he is a God!
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