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They Never Say "Tax the Successful"

goldilocks Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 12:19 PM
Townhall promotes secular capitalism and gentile indiviualism. Niether are in the Constitution or the Bible.
FletchforFreedom Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 4:18 PM
Wrong again. As the Constitution is a document restraining government to protect liberty, it, by definition, supports capitalism (which is nothing more than economic liberty) and as that protection extends to all faiths (including secularism), it certainly applies. The Bible is all about INDIVIDUAL behavior. There is no socialism in it - Jesus was NOT a socialist - and, in fact, the notion that no intercession between God and the individual faithful is recognized is the whole point of the "render unto Caesar" passage 9albeit some morons see it as an admonition to pay your taxes).
Comedian Adam Carolla has never been one to censor what comes out of his mouth. The gift of gab took him from humble beginnings in economically destitute North Hollywood to dizzying heights inthe entertainment industry, where he could afford to move a few miles away.

It's a story of hard work and success that comes through in his recent book Not Taco Bell Material, a chaotic tour that takes readers from Carolla's early years to how he finally found his calling - and his success.

Carolla's disdain for the politically-correct culture of sensitivity has made him...