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It's not racism to combat racism and achieve diversity. If you speak against diversity YOU ARE a racist.
And somehow the heat and drought of this past summer just escaped your notice?
They can take a little less profit to keep jobs in America rather than India. But hey, profits first right? Right???
This week when the ruling comes down saying academic institutions can continue to employ methods to achieve diversity, it will be the greatest single defeat for white males in years. Enjoy that.
The SC this week is going to rule that affirmative action is legal and constitutional, and that is going to be an even bigger victory for the Left than Obama's re-election.
Sure I can. Piuck an area. I will give you lists of specific benefits OBama has given America.
Sure, I'm sure some stopped looking for work mainly because of Obama's changes. But remember seawolf, there werent jobs there for these people anyway...whether they stopped looking or not. You want people working? Tell your rich corporate friends to put America first instead of profits
1. Globalization ensures we will never get back to 4% unemployment. 2. Republicans did and many still DO, support globalization. 3. Prior to 2007 we were living in an economic bubble, a false, eye of the hurricaine "economic good times" that was mostly fraudulent......way too many jobs of people pushing money around and not actually building anything. THOSE jobs were being sent overseas (and have been for 20 yrs) by ppl like Romney.
Oh I do live in reality. The reality that Progressives have been engaged in a long term war to take over this country and we have succeeded.
The press has never been "neutral" and if you think it has, you watch too many old Jimmy Stewart films.
This country wants progressivism. It IS far too late to stop us. We have been laying the groundwork for this since the 1930's. In the 60's we started seeing the first major victories for us that we knew down the road would let us take over this nation. So if I were you I would get on the winning side...while you can.
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