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We are making America into a better place...for ALL. What part of that can you not comprehend? But you are so rigidly locked into your outdated worldviews...so invested in the belief that Obama or the Left are "bad" and "out to bring down America"...you cannot see it.
Kerry Washington, an actress who was on Maher's show was asked this very thing by the token conserv on the panel. She replied that there are different kinds of intelligence, culturally based, and colleges need to start realizing that. The same evaluation may not fit all people, and some tests may be biased.
Bush: clinically brain dead
I haven't said anything stupid. I have shown repeatedly that my side is winning. THe SC ruling this week will be like a dagger into the heart of conservatism. The mortal wound will come later, on Nov 6th
It's time I got some sleep. I have thrown out a few things that conservs here will not only think about, but will keep them up at nights sweating. WE are winning. In fact, we have already won. Get used to your OBama hate but maybe ration it off a bit. After all, it has to last you until 2017! hahaaha
There is more oil and natural gas production in American in 2012 than there was in 2007 under Bush.
Uh.....excesssive heat 8 of the last 10 yrs is not an anomaly.
Mom that has been discredited. I can send you info.
Bob F here again justifying shipping American manufacturing jobs overseas!! And you wonder why Romney is losing?
It's not racism to combat racism and achieve diversity. If you speak against diversity YOU ARE a racist.
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