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question .... why should the schools be teaching children how to brush their teeth laddie ......what state is Detroit in again
very seldom will you see a 1 on 1 attack unless its a woman ....child or elderly
the left is in outrage mode .... that pretty much tells you the truth is about 180 degree's from what they claim it is .... Trayvon Martin .... to hear the left you would get the impression that it is unsafe for a black man woman or child to walk the streets of this country as some evil white guy or cop will in some form or fashion beat or kill them .... the truth is that on any given year 80 - 90 % of interracial violence is black on white ... and the rape stats are even worse
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20 Reasons To Dislike The Democrat Party

Aggie9595 Wrote: May 18, 2013 12:11 PM
opps ....sorry not a Republican war ....the democrats ( i.e. slave owners ) left the union .... then started the war when they fired on a union fort ....remember
the funny part .... Republicans have less than 20,000 war dead American service men and women
LOL I figured it out
now why did that post but not this From time to time I run across some liberal who whines about Republicans being war mongers and the Iraq war .... I laugh and then stick this up The civil war began when the nation elected the very first Republican president .....democrats afraid he would take their property rights ( i.e. black men women and children ) first fled the union ( the first flea baggers ) then began the civil war. WW I ...... a democrat president WW II .... a democrat president Korea ..... a democrat president Vietnam ..... first troops and aid sent in under truman ...... blown to hell and gone when democrat johnston using the fake Gulf of Tonkin incident ( think johnston lied and 50,000 died ) sent in tens of thousands of troops democrats and their wars have killed close to 1,000,000 American servicemen and women and tens upon tens of millions of civilians ....a democrat was the only president to have used nuclear weapons against humans ....civilians at that .... twice a democrat is the only president to have imprisoned tens of thousands of American citizens based on race ....FDR using special order 9066 sent thousand of families to concentration camps
hmmmm I wonder
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Shame On You, Terry McAuliffe

Aggie9595 Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 7:53 PM
LOL.... well then using your standard your VP has to be a racist .... he's the guy who said obama was the first mainstream black to bathe and speak proper English ...did you vote for this racist .... then there is your demcraot senate leader who said obama is a negro who can speak proper English .... if he wants to .... now lets look at real racism ....the civil war was fought by democrats to keep their property i.e black men women and children ..... the black codes ... jim crow .... the poll tax ... the KKK all democrat creations .... when a black man was lynched odds are it was a democrat holding the rope ..... george wallace .... a democrat .... bull connor ..... a democrat
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