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Challenged! We will no longer "let" you state error and untruth unchallenged. There is not rule of law and equal justice under the law and freedom and liberty without the Western World View and Way of Life rooted and founded upon Jewish-Christain moral and eithical principals and values of Biblical belief. Stop! Look at the rest of the world without this foundation. Proclaim them equal or near equal; than go live their fool! But you will not for you know they are not. You desire all the blessing and positive outcomes without the foundation and that will never happen. History is a great teacher; where every has statism prevailed to produce what the Western World Veiw gave the world and the standard of living and prosperty as a Way of Life?
Stupid pretend expert on energy. Sick of you dudes. Too long to prove "our oil shell proceedure in operation down under now at $60 a barrel-fool. This retoric is to promote what really? Oh, the statist world view of marx and saul alinsky and their bunch and end capitalism and the West. All who know and understand know energy and water are the basic elements of a great society and nation; therefore puch to end in US. Note: will not debate on facts but will have character assasination to promote a statist world.Well, whenyou get it you will more than hate it; it will be the times of Jacobs Troubles reveal.
To late! Now the only chance is revolution, again as in 1776; and I don't think the 1/2 still "hoping" for freedom and liberty and the moral character and foundation of the West and the "stones" to do so. Look at the CIA director -duty, country, honor, really? The debt will colaspe the nation within the decade now and the "old guard" of the GOP never guarded anthing nor will they ever; they will sell out to the "largest" tax increase in US history. There will be not stopping the spending. They will "force" through debt collapse to make US memberstate of New World Order under UN Goverance. Most of this new tax will go to be a "revenue stream" to "fund" the UN starting with Internet tax and carbon credits. GOPLeaders say,We did the best we..
As you compare the statist light to the statist, good grief no wonder the west is lost. Well, I have news for all you who think that marxism is the way to go ending capitalism and US and Western World View; the fall of the US will be greater than the fall of Rome, Spain, and Britian who ruled the world for more than 100 years. No nation will go uneffected. The tyranny and chaos and horror of the lost of the rule of law will set the stage for the rise of the Beast(s) of which all others where but types and shadows. Good luck comparing one statist with another; evil is evil and will always be so.
Jerry Bowyer so its, "Expelling 15 million people against their will would constitute the largest forced migration in American history. No one has ever forcibly moved that many people without concentration camps and mass death through plague.", plague, hu? After WWII how many did Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower expell? But that is not the real issue is it. Closing the boards is; and those who are left here have all rights as citizens, but can not vote for 25 years which is the same time table until those whose were granted all rights but one are able to vote. Then we have a chance to preserve the Western World View and Way of Life. but I am convinced that the this past election doomed the nation and the West; except revolution for other 50%.
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