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Fox ... not "fox" ...and, more importantly did you read the article?
If the GOP has any brains (debatable) they'll have her in jail before the elections.
Security secrets ... in the IRS? What are you smoking?
Davis is going to be crucified in the general election.
President Walker ... libtard heads explode! What fun.
I actually was an Art History/History major ... spent some time as a Marine Officer (0203) and became a teacher ... of art history and history! I have brothers in the trades. They make significantly more money than I do.
User in the great depression ... what ... exactly ... does that mean? Can you cite a specific Coolidge policy that "caused" the depression. No hurry. I'll wait while you consult Wikipedia.
People ... PLEASE ... we are doing all we can to eliminate the tragedy of "job lock."
As any liberal will tell you ... freedom is highly over rated.
Fine ... but they'll all have "job lock" and never be the poets they could have been.
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