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"never ending war" ... is a straw man. Alas we live in a world where there is a never ending need to defend our freedoms from those who would happily end them forever ... ISIS for example. You cannot be free unless you support never ending defense. You cannot be moral unless you support never giving in to Islamofacism. You can do both with a much smaller government than we currently have.
No ... READ the article dumbo ... not just the words. Try again
typical Libtard: 1. Don't read the article 2. Don't understand the issue 3. Hold forth on said article I can believe a liberal would post something this moronic ... they do it all the time.
Flat tax ... the tax code should be 5 lines long and the IRS should be about 100 accountants in an office somewhere very very cold.
Damn good idea ... what are the odds of it ever happening?
There is no such thing as free education.
Hard to find anyone who likes Hilary ... even Bill seems kinda lukewarm on the girl
but but but ... liberals call themselves Christians ... but clearly are not in any meaningful sense. Christianity and Christian values are opposed by progressives at every turn.
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America's Next President

Agent Crawfish Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 8:54 AM
"... a strong, decisive, competent manager who would not be distracted by trivialities, pitiless when need be, and undaunted by adversity." Little short of the second coming of Ronaldus Magnus can save us at this point.
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