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You know ... I think we've already hit rock bottom Mr. President.
Actually a more realistic reading of these tea leaves is that the GOP is coming together in an attempt to put forward candidates most likely to re take the senate.
Its a great defense ... I'm too out of touch to be held responsible. Genius really.
How is revoking the voting rights of a convicted felon "voter supression?" What planet are you from ... it has to be in the galaxy of stupid.
The voting age should be 30 ... unless you're a veteran or on active duty in the military.
...and THAT is why she's likely to win ... low information voters.
Fair enough ... I'll take that as a tacit admission Obama lied
Liberals and low information types don't know don't want to know and don't care if informed. Nothing will come of it.
We need public school uniforms ... now.
By the way ... I got my priviledge in the Marine Corps. They give the stuff away for free! So, my suggestion is that those asking us to "check it" ought to get some for themselves in the same organization.
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