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"This guy can vote." That pretty much says it all.
Water boarding wasnt illegal. Calm yourself.
Those "many" would be idiots
A 3rd party vote ... Or sitting out ... Is a libtard vote. Period. If you're too stupid to see that not much can be done for or with you.
Congrats ... You're voting libtard.
Outstanding commentary. Let's hope people are paying attention.
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd .... nothing will come of it. Progressives not only don't care ... they celebrate the breaking of the law so long as it advances their agenda. Low information voters don't know ... and won't ... because the MSM is progressive. See how that works? We're screwed.
Nobody's being impeached ... unfortunately. Focus on getting a GOP Senate & House then a GOP POTUS ... As usual we need to roll up our sleeves and clean up the mess liberals have made.
http://www.ucmj.us/sub-chapter-10-punitive-articles/885-article-85-desertion The test has become if the kid is brought up on charges. If he isnt the entire episode becomes indefensible.
Does he get a prize ... like a trophy or something? He could put in on the shelf next to the Nobel.
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