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Agent Crawfish Wrote: 22 hours ago (12:08 PM)
The Dr's comments on third parties are particularly well taken.
Isn't Wall Street in Hymie Town?
Riiiiight .... leaving them alone will work.
Obamcare was and remains a power grab. Its about increasing dependence on government and locking in votes by the pathetic and the dumb for the pathetic and dumb party. It was never about and will never be about healthcare.
"This guy can vote." That pretty much says it all.
Water boarding wasnt illegal. Calm yourself.
Those "many" would be idiots
A 3rd party vote ... Or sitting out ... Is a libtard vote. Period. If you're too stupid to see that not much can be done for or with you.
Congrats ... You're voting libtard.
Outstanding commentary. Let's hope people are paying attention.
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