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Let’s Destroy Liberal Academia

Agent Crawfish Wrote: Mar 02, 2015 10:31 AM
One major flaw in the otherwise outstanding article ... at the secondary level & earlier administrators could be eliminated entirely ... There is no reason that actual classroom teachers couldn't administer the schools. At a minimum it should be a 50% 50% position ... half in the classroom ... half administration. Almost all administrative work in the schools is utter nonsense that drives costs up and adds next to nothing.
If Barrack Obama loved his wife like he loves America he'd be Bill Clinton.
Can you really tell the difference between ISIS and Newsweek?
Kill the IRS ... flat tax ... and this inane corruption is over.
Pathetic ... even more pathetic that the MSM (D NY) (D CA) has refused to cover the matter.
On the other hand ... Mr. Williams did attend the Last Supper ... so he has that going for him ... which is nice.
As for the whining about not consulting the President ... well ... doesn't congress have a phone and a pen?
So ... how does all the anti-Semites staying home hurt anything?
Sorry Nancy ... we can't work with an idiot.
Nobody bailed out the auto industry ... we bailed out the auto worker's unions.
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