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Seeesh ... you'd think the libtards could get a better class of moron over here. The trolls used to be stupid but sometimes clever. The current crop essentially yells "racist" and runs away. Stupid is as stupid does.
It can't be fixed. You can't fix stupid.
Try again. Most of that nonsense is liberal inspired to carve out safe seats for minorities.
Jesus these people are pathetic. How about trotting out an idea about how to fix any of the many problems facing the country rather than playing the race card over and over. Oh well ... stupid is as stupid does.
So so very ignorant, stupid and sad. Try engaging intellectually instead of throwing out canards and you might be taken seriously. Read the article for a start. The GOP is likely to control 2/3 of the federal government (not to mention many state governments.) It's a long long long way from dead. In fact, I'd posit that the liberal wing of the Democrat party is far closer to its deadbed (by way of suicide) that the GOP. You push econmoic policy that is mathematically unsustainable. That is ... well ... unsustainable. It's crashing.
How short are memories are: recall the predictions of the death of the Dem party after Bush's second victory .. blood red maps of the US in the Chicago Tribune predicting that the Dems were dead.
Wishful thinking from a party hack passing as a pundit.
Hey! The courts got one right. I guess even a broken clock ...
Baseball? Steroids? Say it ain't so Lois!
It is, of course, impossible for a liberal to lie. So ....
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