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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd .... nothing will come of it. Progressives not only don't care ... they celebrate the breaking of the law so long as it advances their agenda. Low information voters don't know ... and won't ... because the MSM is progressive. See how that works? We're screwed.
Nobody's being impeached ... unfortunately. Focus on getting a GOP Senate & House then a GOP POTUS ... As usual we need to roll up our sleeves and clean up the mess liberals have made.
http://www.ucmj.us/sub-chapter-10-punitive-articles/885-article-85-desertion The test has become if the kid is brought up on charges. If he isnt the entire episode becomes indefensible.
Does he get a prize ... like a trophy or something? He could put in on the shelf next to the Nobel.
Brother he had that title locked up a looooong time ago.
Liberals quoting the warrior's code "leave no man behind" ... oh the irony! The entire episode is a farce. Those of use who have served can debate if he qualfies under the code. As a former Marine Officer (who never did a brave thing in his life) I would not have left him "behind" either ... so he can be tried under article 85 (which carries a potential death penalty). Having said that the "trade" of 5 high level Taliban was stupid with a capital S. I suspect we could have gotten the kid back as a precondition for drawdown or at most a single low level detainee. This is what negotiating from a position of weakness gets you.
Dude ... this was like ... two days ago!
Aint gonna happen Hank.
How long do the 6 men who died trying to "save" him wait ... oh yeah ... eternity.
Give to the Obamatard ... just when you think he can't possibly do anything more stupid than his last waltz of moronity ... he manages to pull it off. Every. Time. Let's not let the tail wag the dog people. There are bigger stories out there (10 Million + young Amreican men who cannot find work the largest number since 1955). The Obamatard wants our eye anywhere but on the failure of his policies.
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