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Yes. Any baby is contributing to the number 1 emergency crisis that motivates world leaders: Over-population. World pop. will be 10.5 billion by 2050. This will increase fossil fuel emmissions whish are now killing the Earth. In order to feed so many, food production must double and water shortages are unsolvable. All this means you and I are "unsustainable". The UN commissioned Global Biodiversity Assessment report points out that only 1 billion can be sustained at the western lifestyle or 4-5 billion at a pre-industrial (pre-1765) agragrian lifestyle. This is the main dilemma for the world leaders. What do you think they are doing about it?
It’s all about zero fossil fuel emissions and a return to pre-industrial CO2 levels. It’s all about UN Agenda 21. Read it and all about it and the dots will connect.
Thanks, Paul. Your article is spot on and you did mention and link to UN Agenda 21 info. Bravo! But more emphasis is needed on the Agenda 21 agenda. It is the green driver, worldwide. It was signed in 1992 by Geo. H.W. Bush at the Rio Earth Summit. Clinton appointed Al Gore to implement it. Agenda 21 is an outgrowth of communist principles which has morphed into the Climate Change campaign closely tied to the overpoplution dilemma. Too many humans are killing the Earth through fossil fuel CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions have to go to zero and people have to be culled. It's as simply as that. I've studied it for several years. It is the number one government policy driver in the world and it is scary as hell!
This is not Obama. It started wth Geo. H. W. Bush in 1992 when he signed us on to United Nations Agenda 21 and then declared we henceforth "pledge alliance" to the sacred principles in the UN charter. The IPCC and NASA have concluded we have to cut fossil fuel emissions to zero and severely depopulate now; roll back to a pre-industrial society in order to keep CO2 below 440 PPM and mean temperature rise less than 2 degrees Celcius or we are all cooked. Agenda 21 people. Study it and all the UN and world government programs supporting it...then say goodbye to America 'cause it's all about Fabian Socialism to save the planet. Wake up.
The article, while well done, misses the whole point. Governments worldwide have adopted the United Nations scientific conclusions that, in order to sustain life on Earth, fossil fuel emmissions must be cut to zero, growth must stop and the population must be reduced by 85%. It's all right there under our noses in United Nations Agenda 21, the Global Biodiversity Assessment Report and countless follow-up studies. It has been woven into Federal and local statutes and regulations since 1992, when Geo. H. W. Bush signed Agenda 21, after declaring in his 1991 speeches that we henceforth "pledge our allegiance to the sacred priniples set forth in the United Nations Charter." Read it and prepare accordingly, Comrades.
It's all about United Nations Agenda 21 that Geo. H. W. Bush signed us onto in 1992. Read it and you'll see exactly what is going on.
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