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At least the aborted fetus's will have something to be buried inn...
Kudos to you. And you probably are smarter than WD, too. At lest you don't have any Ivy League baggage to carry around. Look at where that has gotten our country. My hat is off to you.
I hear she is writing a book, "Dreams of My Mother" ....
...let's stop calling her intelligent...
...because she ain't really sorry...
how about "what the hell does it matter now" hell-airy clinton?
but that would be putting the bill right back on us, the taxpayer. make every registered D pay up for the increase instead, then see how they like it.
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Six Thoughts on Obama's Post-Shutdown Speech

ag71 Wrote: Oct 18, 2013 9:01 AM
As regards border control, I'll give that the feds control the border. But once the illegals get over the border it becomes a state issue and the states should be able to arrest and deport them at that point. It is no longer a "border" issue.
Is it me or is the sun setting on her campaign already?
Here's a thought - the feds say control of the border is their responsibility which they won't do. Fair enough. But once an illegal is beyond the border doesn't it become a state issue where Texas authorities can step in and control illegals?
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