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It means ISIS wants you to be able to see their brutality with the utmost clarity - no obscuring body hair getting in the way. There is a reason it is called terrorism.
I do believe Mr. Nidal Hasan has earned a date with Madame Guillotine.
Does it ever occur to Mr. Carney that he could be typecast forever as Mr. Obama's paid liar? It is impossible for me to imagine any private sector company ever wanting to hire this guy.
I don't think that is mathematically possible. Remember that only 1/3 of the Senate is up for re-election. So 2/3 of the folks who are in the Senate now will be coming back after the election regardless. In addition, thanks to gerrymandering by both political parties in all states, a large number of seats are "safe" seats. A great example would be Republicans picking up a seat in California, Massachusetts or New York, where they are an endangered species kept around mostly for historical curiosity value, is unlikely to happen. And so you get down to the number of seats actually in play and it is not enough to give the Republicans an extra 18 seats in the Senate in one election. I'd be thrilled to be wrong.
""There Will Be Costs For Military Intervention"" Yes, the Kremlins janitor may soon be forced to read yet another sternly worded letter from the American President.
So Second is once again the First Loser?
Like the President she doesn't care what lies she has to tell to stay in office. I expect that she, like Mr. Obama, only cares that she return to Washington to maintain the Democrat hold on power. How that is done is irrelevant to either of them.
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The Passing of Progressivism

Wild Biker Bill Wrote: Nov 25, 2013 7:17 PM
The Judicial System is already so stocked.
Why the surprise? When has this President done anything to indicate that he is either pro liberty or pro Christian? When? And this inmate is not just a Christian but an American Pastor. In the eyes of the current Administration I'd say that's three strikes and he's out.
Harry Reid taking care of his girls...
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