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Warum (why)?
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Health Care for the Pushy

afterthegoldrush Wrote: Nov 06, 2013 10:36 PM
Carlos...I remember you from this site in '08-'11 where I was in a coma beginning in 09/11. I know now what Paul meant when he said; " to die is gain." Few dems at the pearly gates. They would have to queue up behind the 50 million plus aborted children.
You sound just like a RINO. Y'all better vote for Romney...where did I hear THAT before???
Like you know. Let's see... dims don't have one neuronal SOMA connecteted to ONE dendrite let alone one AXON but you want us to relate to THAT. Clueless.
Get off of my cloud.
They sure did. AND we're not smart enough to notice. Just vote for another RINO.
Whatever...time for all thinking people to say adios to the gop.
2010? That nasty Tea Party.
That's Virginia LOSS putzoid.
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