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Can you be more specific? Has the Supreme Court forced private enterprise to alter its name, ever, due to perceived offensiveness? It's a huge step, and I can't see Scalia and Thomas going for it.
You put your finger on this exactly. Many conservatives want government out of any decision they've already made for themselves, but DO want intervention to ensure that things they don't like are proscribed. We can't have it both ways. Personally, I think consenting adults should have the rights to conduct themselves however they want, so long as there is no demonstrable harm to others. And I'm finding it harder and harder to see demonstrable harm to me or my kids when gay people get married.
Did he really argue that we need to prevent gay people from getting married for economic reasons? What possible evidence is there for this?
It's the team's right to keep the name. it's individual's rights to protest it and take their business elsewhere. Are there any other issues at stake here? People who are offended should make it clear to others why they are, and those others can choose to join them or not. In this particular case, the name is hardly flattering to Native Americans, and they have a legitimate point. Whether it's enough to get an entire team to change their name is another story.
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Who Won't Wear The Cord?

afriKa Wrote: Jun 20, 2014 3:27 AM
Does anyone know if Adams' depiction of the events is accurate? From what I've read, they seem off the mark.
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