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When I moved to San Francisco 30 years ago most Californians worked, but then the Progs took over promising wealth & utopia without any effort on our part. It became harder & harder to hire anyone interested in working in my business. CA began a long, downward spiral of crime, dependency & being flooded with illegals. The schools & neighborhoods became very dangerous and the drug selling gangs moved in. My family fled CA in 2013 and while I grieve for the CA that once was, you couldn't pay me to live in what's left.
Hardly think Southern Povety Law Center is impartial or in any way qualified to tell me who is and is not a "Hate group".
Don't know who edited this article, but Gaul was a place. Think author meant to say gall, which means audacious.
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Be An Uncle Tom for Life

aferndale Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 7:05 AM
Living in Oakland, CA was my wake up call regarding how blacks are perceived by Dems. It was so negative I left the Dem Party. I remember one Dem asking me "do you like blacks?" My response "I don't know, I haven't met them all yet." The idea that all members of any racial group would all think or vote the same seems the epitome of racism. People are individuals & that individuality should be honored.
Although my husband & I moved from a Blue State to a Red State recently we actually vote exactly like the Red State where we relocated. We are the 3rd couple we know who left CA in the last year for our new Red State & none of us vote for Dems. Funny how the media never mentions what we have experienced---conservatives moving away from Blue States & going to Red States because they want to live with people who share their conservative views & values.
I don't understand these young feminists. If anyone had suggested to me that I needed government (or anyone else) to pay for my contraceptives I would have been insulted. My goal was to call my own shots in my career, start my own business & make as much money as a man who owned a successful business would make. Thankfully, I met those goals. Financial independence is one of the must haves for any woman who wants to chart her own course in the world.
With all the myriad problems CA has & these Einsteins are arguing about bags. I'm just so thankful my family got out of there, life is so much better when you live in a well managed state.
Well, I'm glad Rep Curtis made it home safe tonight, but I'm a woman who has been mugged 3 times. The last time 2 men had a knife at my throat. I hope Rep Curtis is never in that situation, but until she is I won't be taking her advice on how to protect myself.
Just moved from CA to southern state who is not agreeing to any of this. Our State has been asking & asking the Feds if they are sending illegals here, but they are refusing to respond. My state is not the problem, but the Feds are. We need to send all these people back to their country of origin.
I owned a business for many years in the SF Financial District, it was the "Wall St of the West" when I moved there from the Midwest. SF used to be very pro-Biz & entrepreneurs flocked there, schools were good, housing was pretty expensive, but you could still live in a safe neighborhood not too far from downtown. But the loons took over & slowly but surely the city became filthy & unsafe--I was mugged 3 times. So last year we sold everything & moved out of CA & I can't say I miss it, our new state is clean, safe, beautiful & supportive of the new Biz we are starting. You are right Barbara, SF is a mess, like the rest of CA & what they're eating is the least of the problems, but you'll never get SF politicians to admit that. Their utopian dreams are really a nightmare.
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