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Jeb Bush feels exactly the same way about Amnesty that the Democratic Party does, maybe he should join the Dems instead of trying to get the GOP to conform. However, since folks like Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch & the US Chamber of Commerce want cheap labor I guess citizens will be screwed over once again! Hope you & your children don't plan ion getting ahead in this country because you've just been disenfranchised in your own country. For many Americans who've been in this country for generations it's very hard to see the country your grandparents fought wars for, worked hard on farms or in factories for just given away to the invaders from our Southern borders. US citizens are no longer wanted in this country, we are being disenfranchised everyday, where can our children go? Will there be a country that takes us in like the Democratic Party has taken in illegal Hispanics?
Girl Scout cookie sales are tanking all over the country & parents are taking their daughters out of this organization so they had to think up some way to try to staunch the blood flow. Banning the word Bossy is their attempt to showcase the Scouts in a positive way. FAIL
Could be worse, you could have been called Baby Boomers.
Tsunis knows as much about Norway as Obama knows about the US, what's the problem?
Thanksgiving is an important holiday for Americans. It marks the Puritans survival and at the time it was most assuredly not a given that any of them would live. Starvation, disease, freezing temperatures thinned their ranks over and over. From our nice warm houses it's easy to forget just how hard being a pioneer actually was, they deserve some respect for their sacrifices. For those of you who will say the Puritans were unfair to native tribes or supported slavery you need to look at history. Most Puritans got on well with the tribes in MA & many bought land from them to farm like John Leavitt did after his arrival in 1628. Later the Leavitts were leaders in the abolitionist movement & if you take the Underground Railroad tour you will visit 2 of their homes. By in large, Puritans were good for America, hard working, God fearing certainly, but fair minded people who tried to do the right thing. How many of us can say that? I'm going to cook a turkey, invite family and honor our Puritan ancestors and I hope you do the same Happy Thanksging!
My adios to CA began yesterday. After 29 years I am on my way to a new state and for me it will be a better state. I moved to CA a liberal Democrat although to be honest I was always more interested in business than politics. For many years that worked out well for me and I loved the business I opened in what was then the "wall Street of the West" but those days are long gone now. Like so many of my clients, I'm moving on, but I'm moving on with a very different view of the world than when I arrived. It's interesting to me that the longer I lived in CA the more conservative I became, but so e things just don't work in real life and progressive philosophy is one of them, at least that is my opinion. Today I'm greeting the day in a motel room ready to keep moving southeast, driving us and our 2 dogs further from the failed state of CA. What a marvelous day it's going to be.
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Why the Media Hates the South

aferndale Wrote: Oct 10, 2013 7:36 AM
My husband & I are so happy to finally be moving from the extremely troubled state of CA to SC. We have visited the south often & have a relative living in SC, but we have been amazed by the nasty comments of some we know about the south. It's stunning to see how ignorant some folks are about the south. As I responded to one neighbor "why wouldn't I want to move to a city like Charleston, it's beautiful, friendly, pro business & the cost of living is 46% less than San Francisco." It is also a red state with conservative politics and good fiscal policies that doesn't waste taxpayers $, what's not to like? The Progs can have CA!
I got a great job in CA 30 years ago and moved to SF from the Midwest. Over the years I married, started a business & tried to understand why this state kept moving further and further to the left. Several years ago we bought a house in the country for weekends, then we moved to the country full time, but the leftists followed and now we are moving out of the state like most of our Republican friends. CA is becoming like a huge Detroit-lots of crime. terrible schools, overwhelmed hospitals and welfare $ flowing to ever increasing numbers of illegals, this is not sustainable. Now all these crazy laws giving everything to illegals while taking constitutional rights from citizens. At some point CA is going to go bankrupt---when it does I hope the rest of the country refuses to bail the state out. Any $ you give CA will be wasted, just say no. Many people here hate the US with a vengeance, the rest of the country owes CA absolutely nothing, please remember that when CA tanks.
Hey Tom, Why don't you lecture me again about how my 22 year old father joined the army to kill Asians in WWII because he was such a huge raaaaacist like all us Americans. Guess you never heard of Pearl Harbor. Not that you care, but no one in my family can stand to watch you anymore. Even our dog leaves the room if you appear on our TV screen.
Starbucks CEO, Schultz, is a big Obama supporter & that's why my family has not been to Starbucks in several yrs. A certain % of $ spent at Starbucks goes right to the left wing of the Democratic Party so my family bought a coffee grinder from Kitchen Aide & now we grind our own beans every morning & make great coffee. We don't miss the Marxist conversations we had to listen to at Starbucks in CA either. The last time I was there I had to listen to the folks next to me in line complain that their graduate degrees cost too much and that advanced education was as much a "human right" as free healthcare & that all college should be free! This while they spent upwards of $4 for a cup of coffee! I'm sure Mr Schultz & Obama would be proud.
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