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The Rise of the Intolerance Brigade

afacteau Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 8:52 AM
Bro, they shouldnt be targeting anybody. One of their key words is tolerance, but only if you are tolerent of them and the way they see things. You see things differently, your an a--H---, and they come against you. Thats not tolerance, thats agree with me or we will put you out of buisness. Now, I try to be a christian, and I admit I fail a lot more ofthe then do well, but I do know my bible better then most. Of course, christians go not agree with the gay agenda, as they (and I), believe what the bible says. So, since we dont agree, I guess all Christians are no good, and should be put much for tolerance

In recent days, the extreme intolerance, bigotry, and exclusivity of some gay activists and their straight allies has been on prominent display in their attacks against Chick-fil-A. What makes this all the more ironic, not to mention Orwellian, is that their campaign is being carried out in the name of tolerance, inclusion, and diversity. As expressed by jurist Marvin Frankel (in his book Faith and Freedom: Religious Liberty in America), “The powerless call out for tolerance. Achieving power, they may soon forget.”

Today, words like “diversity” and “inclusion,” which have been on the lips of gay activists for years, have taken...