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What We Learn from Raw Unabated Evil

aebe Wrote: Jul 22, 2012 7:43 PM
Gun free zone.A guarantee for criminals of safety.A jail should be a gun free zone.Anywhere else,where a citizen might be assaulted,should be an expected to be carrying zone. In a society where the same people that make movies filled with sex and violence can righteously declaim that the Second Amendment should be repealed,and that abortion is a woman's right,and those same people have an adoring and believing audience,you cannot but expect terrible events as happened in Colorado. As long as we allow amorality,bad things are going to happen.Durned if I know,though,how to fix it,without myself violating the rights of others.Excepting abortion.Children have rights,and it can never be a right to commit murder.
skytroop6 Wrote: Jul 22, 2012 8:52 PM
For you is there any situation where your wanting to control the wombs of women is not an issue? Your answer to mass murder by a maniacal person is government mandated concealed carry laws that take away the rights of individual property owners and businesses to prevent firearms on their property, or in their business premises? To you I guess the 2nd Amendment is absolute. It supersedes every other part of the Constitution. No restrictions whatsoever are legal when it comes to firearms.

You are just as guilty of those on the left who also engage in magical, fantastical thinking. For all that you know there were other citizens in that theater who were armed, legally or not. Unfortunately no law can ensure safety in an open society.
"Seeing the dramatic impact of what raw, unabated evil looks like, is not something we are often able to see," I said on national radio Friday afternoon. "But when we do, it is something that we must learn a great deal from."

With the raging debates of public policy, cultural tolerance, political correctness, and all the other arenas that suck up the oxygen of what our media and attention tend to be saturated with, we seldom have the chance to see with such clarity the separation of truly what is good, and the horrors of absolute evil.


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