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Supreme Court Shocks Life into Obamacare Challenge

aebe Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 10:49 PM
Oh,bummer."He may even have lost the election tonight".Ooooh,bummer,O'Bummer.Trashed by Mittens - How could you fart around with O'BummerCare,when millions are out of work ? And maybe,just maybe,the Supreme Court will back away from it's ridiculous ruling,and serve O'BummerCare a blow right between the ears,leaving it stunned and ready to be parted out. Lost in the real world,the fantasy of we all being artists and musicians fading with the ringing in his ears - Did Mittens really say fart ? snicker.At least the Presidunce got a laugh out of the ordeal. Don't jump around,Braack,and keep that string tied tightly,we don't want the pointy hat falling off before school is out. Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.Carry.

The emperor wears no clothes. The bloom is off the rose. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Pardon the barrage of stale metaphors, but it’s difficult to put into words the utter pasting Mitt Romney put on Barack Obama last week.

Pat Buchanan called Romney’s “the finest debate performance” in 52 years “with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan’s demolition of Jimmy Carter in 1980.”

Indeed, when all of CNN and MSNBC – to include Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow – hysterically admit that President Obama got smoked; he got smoked. Bad.