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Where is all the hooraw , the denunciations , demands for firing squads ? when Valerie Plame , a CIA analyst , name was put out into the public sphere , she was suddenly an endangered spy , instead of simply being what she was - A corrupt government employee . Her husband even morphed from being a flunky , into an ambassador , whom she sent on a mission to Africa , to hunt for evidence to make President Bush look bad . None of that mattered though , as the progressives successfully constructed a meme to fit the situation , and their agenda . Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !
Get the waste and fraud out of MediCare , and then we vets could use it . Those of us that the VA's poor service hasn't already driven away . The VA's medical system is beyond repair , and our politicians need to be told to quit flogging a dead horse . Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights , Carry !
Put an end to all VAMC's , clinics , anything relating to health 'care' . We veterans deserve better , and it would be easy enough to do - Allow vets the same type of benefits as MediCare recipients get - pick our own doctors , in our own communities . The money saved by not operating its own hospitals and clinics would be far better spent on local health care . Top that off with no longer being forced to travel up to hundreds of miles , to get to a VA facility . Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !
Energy costs will necessarily skyrocket . That cannot happen without both a reduction in available energy , and an increase in regulation and taxes . Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !
Same Gutierrez , that has no use for our Constitution . Lie about the numbers of Americans that support giving away citizenships and jobs , as do not mind having their taxes raised to support who would be nonworking legally . No need to discount though , those who can not understand the legislation or that it will do nothing to protect America from a continuing invasion , they'll support the bill just to feel good . Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !
Yup . And such a politician can still learn that it is not only between God and mother , but that God also has an abiding interest in the child , as well . Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !
JFK might have sicked his family's mobster buddies on to the Presidunce . JFK - AKA the Winter Soldier . Or simply AK him .
And three times is typical leftish looniacal loonacy , troll .
And twice is spam , troll .
The article mentions nothing of fraud or identity theft , it is of harassment of established businesses , and as regards gun dealers ( And gun parts manufacturers ), something that has been part of the Presidunce' agenda . An attempt to sidetrack the issue ?? Interesting.....
Holder can't be brainwashing quickly enough , I guess . Or he needs to exercise his propensity for lying and intimidation . The 2nd's only real difficulty for creatures such as our Presidunce and the Attorney General ! is that it represents a right , and is not something that they could just summarily strip from the people . Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry !
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