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China Buys U.S. Businesses at Record Pace; Plus Unemployment to 8.3%

ADRoberts Wrote: Aug 06, 2012 12:57 AM
You sell to foreigners and they own you. There is nothing REALLY good about that. But the Bible does predict that. If a nation refuses to follow God, the foreigner will buy the country and businesses and the people will become slaves to those foreigner. Do you have any idea how many businesses are owned by foreigners? Mrs. Bairds Bread in Ft. Worth Texas is owned by El Groupo Bimbo. a Mexican company. And as soon as they bought it, the living of ALL employees took a BIG cut. That is what we are headed for. The rich of the rest of the world treat people worse than the rich of America. But the liberals will only figure that out after we are totally owned by them.