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Hillary Clinton's Dodgy Testimony

adjudicator1776 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 11:46 AM
Like her husband, Hillary's strategy all along was to delay, delay, and delay. And, as she knew from her many prior brawls, you avoid any direct answers and then get angry. Not a single Republican seemed to have the prosecutorial skills or guts to take on the corrupt Hillary. The passage of time doesn't lessen or mitigate the Obama administration's outright lying, negligence, and incompetence that resulted in the needless slaughter and murder of four Americans due to a pre-planned Muslim terrorist attack to coincide with the anniversary of 9-11-01. A central question was not asked: Who gave the stand down order to the military that was ready, willing, and able to interevene to prevent the murder of four Americans?
Jeff2422 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 12:06 PM
You are a 100% right about the delay tactic. The Clintons always played the game, "oh, that is yesterday's news, let's not be bitter and move on." The other game that she played, which is a Clinton hallmark, is claiming to have not been told anything by her staff or administrators. Thus, while she was in charge and responsible, she takes no blame since the "buck never got to me." These are classic Clinton approaches to just about everything. Just think, after Obama you could have Hillary. So we can go from the King of fantasy land promises and confrontation to the Queen of "who cares now" and the "buck never got here." Our country is in a deep hole for leadership and responsible governing.

A lot of people in Washington apparently forgot how good Hillary Clinton is at not telling the truth.

Wednesday, in her testimony before both the Senate and, later, the House, Clinton brilliantly fudged, dodged and filibustered. Of course, she's a pro. Clinton was slow-walking depositions, lawyering up and shifting blame when many of her questioners were still civilians down on the farm.

Aided by a ridiculous format, she outfoxed most of the Republicans with ease.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, almost uniformly, seemed singularly interested in celebrating Mrs. Clinton as a global diva who somehow manages to carry the burden of her awesomeness...