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Of course. Progressives are either hopeless idealogues or low information idiots. Look at their messages of distraction leading up to the 2012 election. (1) Republicans are waging war on women and want to deprive them of contraceptives; (2) Romney's Bane Capital practices resulted in the death of an elder woman; and (3) Romney is a tax dodging felon (according to the vile dingbat Harry Reid).
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Hillary Clinton's Dodgy Testimony

adjudicator1776 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 11:46 AM
Like her husband, Hillary's strategy all along was to delay, delay, and delay. And, as she knew from her many prior brawls, you avoid any direct answers and then get angry. Not a single Republican seemed to have the prosecutorial skills or guts to take on the corrupt Hillary. The passage of time doesn't lessen or mitigate the Obama administration's outright lying, negligence, and incompetence that resulted in the needless slaughter and murder of four Americans due to a pre-planned Muslim terrorist attack to coincide with the anniversary of 9-11-01. A central question was not asked: Who gave the stand down order to the military that was ready, willing, and able to interevene to prevent the murder of four Americans?
Liberals hate white-working men. Liberals hate men of any color, if they espouse conservative principles (e.g., Clarence Thomas, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Thomas Sewell). Liberals hate women if they espouse conservative principles (e.g., Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter). Liberals love the Muslim Brotherhood, which embraces Sharia Law and hates all LGBTs and women. Liberals hate unborn babies, but cowardly refer to them as "fetuses". Liberals hate "God" and voted him out of the DNC platform, but Soetoro saw the political damage of such an act and ordered his minions to falsify a new convention floor vote.
Correct. The all powerful "mother" federal government, being promoted by the marxist in chief, Barry Soetoro, who was mentored by his communist loving mother, Stanley Dunham, and USA hating Frank Davis and Jeremiah Wright, loathes that which might encourage individual liberty, freedom, independence, entrepreneurialsm, and work ethic. Heck, such attributes -- long viewed as a hallmark of Americans -- might result in a thriving economy, lower unemployment, reduced crime, and fewer Democrat voters.
Exactly. It's a despicable political ploy to use children as pawns. Any half-wit will see right through that. But, then, the Left has many half-wits, kindly referred to as "low information and high benefit" voters. Posting a "Gun Free Zone" sign in front a school filled with innocent children is stupid and tantamount to posting a sign that says "Slaughter Our Children". Violating the 2nd Amendment and enacting gun "laws" will only arm the criminals who don't give a damn about "laws".
Yup. Rham Emanuel, Barry's marxist buddy from Chicago, has said, "Never let a crisis go to waste." The Left has an agenda, enabled by the lap dog media. Obama will sign one or more executive orders to unconstitutionally bypass congress and violate the Second Amendment. He should be impeached for his numerous tyranical and unlawful power grabs, as well his arguably criminal acts. Here's a short list: (1) Drone killings (war) on Libyans without Congressional approval; (2) Declaration of amnesty for illegal immigrants without Congressional approval; and (3) Gun control by executive order without Congressional approval. Oh, has Barry yet explained why he is using the social security number of a deceased woman in Connecticut?
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