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I have seen this representative as State Department spokesperson any number of times and I continue to be amazed at her lack of ability. If she is the best person that can serve as a governmental spokesperson, we are in DEEP trouble....but we already knew that.
I think that Peter King might begin to plan for what he will be doing after the fall elections. (Ref. Eric Cantor) Ted Cruz is doing exactly what he was sent to Washington to do. There are so many problems that are NOT being solved, this is not a good time to be an incumbent of either party.
Looks like Josh Earnest went to the same school of public relationships that Jay Carney studied at. They wouldn't know the truth if it bit them! These men have no honor of any kind!
You won't get a job using your good looks and winning personality! I have been an adjunct (part time) teacher at the community college level for 25 years in the field of Computer Science. The worst major that a student can take is the one that has no market. However, try to tell that to an incoming freshman who knows everything. Software development isn't for everyone. HOWEVER, everyone should have the basic understanding of computers and how they support other industries because you will be required to use them in practically all industrial fields.
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The Big Lesson of D-Day

adjinstructor Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 6:35 PM
There is an excerpt in the liner notes of the "Band of Brothers" DVD set that says the same thing. It was not uncommon in small towns that EVERY eligible male tried to join and there was a stigma on those men who were rejected for medical reasons. There were a number of suicides because of individual shame even though it was undeserved.
The country voted for this...TWICE. We are the ones to blame. Just think, only 2 more years. I hope that we survive.
Instead of a diploma that signifies that the student has attained a high school education, they will get an 'Attendance Certificate' that says that they have attended school for 12 years...that's most of the time. Unfortunately, both of the certificates mean about the same thing.
In 2008, the people elected the first black man as president even though he had no executive experience in managing ANYTHING. He was an empty shirt and 5 and a half years later, the American people have seen the results. Unfortunately, many don't care what has happened since he was elected. Some even like it. And now the Democratic party is entertaining the idea of doing the same thing just to elect the first woman as president. SHE HAS NO QUALIFICATIONS! But that has come to mean nothing. The election of the president is not like voting for the next American Idol.
STOP THE PRESSES!! PANTS ON FIRE! The president is mad again and he will get to the bottom of the latest scandal!...between fund raising trips! This man and his entire administration is incompetent. They do nothing except play politics!! and in the mean time the country is going down the tubes. The entire democratic party has lost its sense of honor.
As I remember it, McDuff was on death row for murders in the 70's and 80's. He was released from death row when the US SUPREME COURT negated all death penalties. (I think that was in the early 90's but could be wrong) Anyway, McDuff was paroled based on time served at the time. He subsequently killed other women and was finally captured, convicted and executed. The original release was not a state action but a Supreme Court action.
As a 25 year adjunct (part time) teacher in computer science, I noticed that the young lady has a Master's Degree in English Literature. Wow!. How is the job market in that field? I'm sure that English Lit is a very interesting study. However, it doesn't seem too practical in the current economy. I realize that a lot of people don't look on a college degree as an entry to the real work....but it sure helps if there is a market for the knowledge that has been attained over fiver or six years.
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