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To Thank a Thief

adiaz Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 9:50 PM
Mr. Pfister an excellent article revealing con man the evil intentions, he wants to destroy and damage the U.S. economy for good as a revenge for the past atrocities committed by the mainstream-the white people. I wonder how many readers will reply to your article and discern the true con man intentions. question? Can only one con man destroy well-established, well-honored Constitutional American principles? Are there congress men with the courage to stop the con man based upon our Constitutional principles? adeims

For the con man to get you to willingly hand over your possessions he must deceive your heart and mind that he cares about you. The success of the con man is sealed when the victim thanks him for taking advantage of them.

Exactly what happened when the people reelected Barack Obama. Not only did the masses reward him with another four years to plunder their possessions they now thank him with a 56% job approval rating.

How could Obama succeed in such a grand deception? The steady and methodical manipulation of reality.

In 2008 Obama convinced...