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Mrs Charen why don't you write about the middle eastern world as to why they hate us so much like we are constantly meddlin in their affairs. WE don't like their head of state we remove him by hook and by crook and we have been doing this for a long time We exploit this countries for one thing only and that is the oil nothing else matters
Oh John that is so clever of you and did you come up with this all by yourselve? You are such a brilliant boy wonder I might just go out and do this thank you so much for your stupidity
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Washington Booms, Lays Waste

adendulk Wrote: Apr 19, 2013 3:41 PM
John; I can see the people are getting to you a little bit more than normal, that good to see as we like a little controversy It makes you write a better article now and then
Ann; and why do you think this Cuban traitor/ exile what ever you like to call this guy. He is in there to save his behind and look/feel good to his buddy's in the senate and the house, not to the people whom he is suppose to represent
This page would be empty space if it was not for bashing the democratic people, that are like the republicans part of this beautifull country that John Ransom and some of the people on here are destroyingby all the negative bull
will you get over the " B " MOVIE COWBOY ALLREADY you are clinging on to him like he was some kind of God or sonething he did as much damage as every body or as much good as everybody in todays world he would loose by a landslide no matter what this pole says. As these are taking by by one sided polsters
Mr Hawkins look around get out a little bit more and then you will see who need the sensetivity training or for that matter if you fear the outdoors just read the names on the list from the townhall opinion writers that should wake you up and scare the living daylite out of you
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Occupy and Redistribute D.C

adendulk Wrote: Apr 13, 2013 11:07 AM
John I see you still get your can beat by Ezra Klein. Is that why you are so bittter about everything and have taking your mind completely taken of reporting on economicle writing just slurs and blurs
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Who's More Demeaning Than Brad Paisley?

adendulk Wrote: Apr 12, 2013 10:29 AM
you mr bozell are the biggest fool that is trying to write a column go cry on hannity shoulder will you, you two look good together nothing but hatred for your country
and mss malkin should go back to the philipinnes you fit right in with the gun toting population that are fostered by the governing parties of all sides does not make any difference they kill each other like rabbits for power just like you
John your articles are worse every day I quess you cannot find that much in that little pea brain of yours to really write something intelligent about
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