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This just in fro Reuters on Yahoo news: By Jason Lange WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. employers stepped up hiring in October and the jobless rate ticked higher as more workers restarted job hunts, a hopeful sign for a lackluster economy that has been a drag on President Barack Obama's re-election chances. No wonder this country is in such terrible condition. They delude themselves, lie, and than swear to themselves that it is the truth!
This video ad irritates me on several levels. The #1 reason is that when I send informative articles that detail documented facts regarding the economic impact of the impending Affordable Care Act to my liberal friends ( I'm reconsidering their status as of this election, they write back and tell me to quit spreading hate! However, I have yet to see any of them reject this ad for its gutter level quality. Am I out of Tou h with reality here or are these liberals just so. Linder and drugged by Obama that they can't help themselves?
the Frederick News Post reported that there were over 3500 early voters in Frederick, Maryland on the first day of early voting, October 27th. I was there with my wife and son at 9:50AM and the line was already so long that we had to wait almost an hour to get into the facility to vote. Police were directing traffic all day for the large crowds. The news also report a huge number of Romney supporters and a "few" Obama supporters. I hope this is a prognosticator for the full election, here and throughout the country.
You missed something when you read this article. Since PP refers patients to other medical facilities the author is emphasizing that the services could have been obtained directly from those medical facilities. Patients don't have to go through PP to get them . And if one is low income, one is probably on medical assistance. Additionally, there are several organizations nationally who operate on state and local levels who offer mammograms for free each year, especially during October.
Why is Romney's lack of foreign policy experience even an issue? Obama had no governing experience at and was elected in 2008. If Obama's track record in general, and specifically his performance in foreign issues should put the nail in his re-election coffin. Obama has done a horrific job with the Middle East. He didn't kill Osama, the SEALS did. He only gave the order to proceed when they verified that they had his location. If America gave Obama a chance with no experience across the board, then certainly Romney , with his experience, deserves a chance too!
The loss of their lives in Benghazi was not "optimal", but the loss of on Martin was last summer. Sounds racist to me or is it because Benghazi can lose him the election?
When life begins is not a belief, but rather a fact based upon scientific principles. Two living cells merge to form a new one that undergoes growth and development by multiplication of these cells and specialization into tissues, organs and systems that function integratively. Check a high school basic biology book and the definitions are all there. Many one celled organisms are accepted as living. When they cause disease, we kill them with antibiotics. Independent viability does not define life. Confusing oneself about whether a fetus is alive or not allows one to justify abortion. And if one did not abort, this "unliving" thing would continue to grow. Tell me, how do nonliving things grow.
I'm not surprised at all at Obama's comment. What do you expect from someone who promoted , endorsed, and voted for a bill in Illinois when he was senator there that allows babies born in a failed abortion attempt to be left alone to die. If a newborn does not tug at his heart strings, one can only imagine how emotionless he is at the death of an adult or an elderly adult. Tell me again how he cares about our access to affordable health care!
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