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Christmas tree ornaments? What the hell are you talking about?
usm You are a low life idiot who posts anything that comes into your simple mind.
It is nice to know that there are a few sane republicans left in the party. Good for Governor Christie. New Jersey is lucky to have him - and he has a great future ahead of him.
Nana wrote: " He wasn't convicted. While you're being wrong, blame the NRA for all those de" ______________________________ The charge / conviction kept him from getting citizenship. I am sure it would have kept him from purchasing a gun if background checks had been in place.
The new laws would prevent those with domestic violence charges from purchasing a gun. Yes, it is a reason to be denied. That is probably why most of you are against it - I am sure most of you are wife beaters
Purchasing batteries and pressure cookers is illegal? That is news to me
As for the disaster in Texas: Obama's too nice to those secessionist Teabags. They take it as a badge of honor that they do not regulate. They have been trying to steal business from California based on that fact. The evidence is mounting that this company was playing very fast and loose with the lives of the community that surrounded this facility. This so called "accident" simply reaps what the Teabags have sown. No federal aid to texas
Then they can find their own money to rebuild. Don't ask me to pay for it.
Right - thanks to lax regulations. Regulations that you idiots do not want. perry even threatened succession - now he is begging the feds for money. What a hypocrite
I am Jewish - radical Muslims are not "my friends"
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