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Socialism by the Dose

Adamsmith2 Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 1:51 PM
Good call Paul. Another million articles like this, each a little harder hitting than the last, and we might just make a dent in the pointy little heads of the brainwashed socialists that currently include nearly the entire population of the world. But I doubt it.
...hand is a true monster that we should all oppose.
Way off base Driessen. Publicity of Monsanto's percieved indifference to the health of it's customers and employees, and it's draconian treatment of farmers is based on facts. Walmart's decision to sell GM corn is strictly based on profit, nothing else. Most of today's environmental activism is based on misinformation intentionally put out by organizations whose interests have nothing to do with helping the environment or people. This is not true of most opposition to Monsanto. Monopoly is only possible with government collusion. Monsanto has plenty of it in the U. S., and in some other countries. Most large corporations will get a pass on a few transgressions now and then, as their money greases election machines. Monsanto on the ...
I don't think we should call them RINOs anymore. Nearly every Republican politician is an avowed conservative, and nearly every one of them is lying. This is not a recent development. If it were, we would not be in this mess. There were no conservative Republicans running for president this time, nor have there been for a very long time. But there was a conservative Libertarian, who called himself a Republican, because before he did, no one would listen.
As crazy as a surplus sounds, it is a lot more plausible than anything else we've heard out of D. C. lately. And that "lately" seems to stretch back past the last "surplus".
Overall pretty good John, but that Fed to provide liquidity thing blew it. You only have a market economy if those who perform badly in business go broke, or at least have to change tack, instead of being bailed out. Yes, providing liquidity, is a bailout. Additionally, any sort of central bank ensures eventual government overreach, it is 100% certain.
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Bad to Worst

Adamsmith2 Wrote: May 08, 2012 8:48 AM
Mr. Jacob, you are absolutely right. Unfortunately, government is only a small part of the problem. Our entire civilization is down the drain. No true conservative or libertarian would be comfortable in any but the smallest bits of Europe, and Canada is no better, just thinly populated. The fact that we even have debates about abortion, socialist programs, gay marriage, completely unnecessary wars, etc. shows that we have lost our way. And that most can not even tell that we have.
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A Few Words For Newt Gingrich

Adamsmith2 Wrote: May 07, 2012 9:49 PM
Pretty good Greenberg, except for the fact that you never mentioned Ron Paul, the only serious candicate in the race. Everyone else, running or dropped, is a statist Keynsian fool, except for Perry, who is still not clear about who his owners are.
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Lessons Not Learned From Vietnam

Adamsmith2 Wrote: May 02, 2012 9:41 AM
Mr. Tillford, with all due respect to you and your well written article, you have missed the reasons we have done much of what we have done. The patriotic right and the anti-war left, in their legislative, media, and public iterations, were all directed to get rid Rumsfeld, because he wanted to save money. Spending money, so that the literal warmongers could profit, is why we fought so stupidly, and why we are still there. The middle-aged hippies now in charge of the country were right about one part of their 60s protests. Dropping more tonnage of bombs on the Plain of Jars, than all combatants combined dropped during WWII, was all about profit. Building $450 million bombers, and now, $160 millon fighters, is all about profit.
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My Papers? No Thank You

Adamsmith2 Wrote: Apr 29, 2012 4:19 AM
Kudos Jonah, quite ably simplified for those of us who have not made a life of reading about social issues. If you do the same for choosing doing away with all entitlements, rather than any immigration, then I may have to call you conservative rather than Neo, or Straussian.
He campaigned as far to the right as he could stomach for the primaries. In other words, almost as far right as the very center. So now, to shift leftward, he will have to declare himself an out and out socialist, without actually doing so. Of course, that is his MO anyway. We will get an ObaRomunist either way.
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