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Obama Finally in Real Trouble

AD15 Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 11:36 AM
Tje socialists, communists, Democrats and media are intentionally blind. They have ignored all the destructive actions and words of Obama. They have ignored his golfing and his expensive vactions. They contnue to ignore his gaffes like 57 states when the ONLY 57 I know of is the 57 nations of the Muslims organization. (Remember how long the media bashed the spelling of potate.) These people will never see the truth until the collapse. There will be no place to go to that is not impacted by the economic disaster that Bilderbergs are creating. No matter how much money they have or if they have a seculed island to escape to, it will not help. Money will be worthless. Gold will only be useful if IF they have some way to get what they
AD15 Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 11:38 AM
need and want to that remote island and someone with the food and supplies WANTS that gold. The only place there will be to run to is to the Bilderbergs and that will only work if they have stockpiled supplies. (I suspect they have.)

For sure, they will not be safe in America. Anyone who recognizes them will dispatch them quickly to their master.

Mitt Romney, as was clear to all who watched the first presidential debate, channeled Ronald Reagan right down to the glistening hair and respectful smiling face that listened as his opponent tap-danced and stutter-stepped his way to a resounding thumping in the contest.

Several post-debate polls for varying news organizations such as CNN and Newsmax showed that the voters who watched the debate viewed President Obama's lackluster performance as a clear victory for Gov. Romney. So clear, in fact, as to outdistance the margin of perceived victory measured in most past presidential debates where same night post-debate surveys were...