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Hezbolla Sends Aid to Syrian Government

AD15 Wrote: May 02, 2013 11:17 AM
South Korea knew what DPRK was and is. They should NEVER have built plants in the North. This was just GREED. And this end was predictable Maybe Pakistan will lead the way for America. (Hold their leader accountable for illegal activites and put him in jail. That would be appropriate. Syria: You have violent muslims fighting violent muslims. Can anyone say which side has ANY degree of rightness. Aren't they all determined to CONTROL and kill anyone who opposes that particular side? You are dealing with muslims. They are violent, irrational uncompromisingly selfish and determined to be in charge.

North Korea: May Day, 1 May, is a public holiday in honor of workers.

North Korea-South Korea: Update. A South Korean official said members of the Kaesong Industrial District Management Committee (KIDMAC) are in the process of requesting detailed claims made by the North in regards to unpaid wages, corporate taxes and communication service charges. It is estimated that the North is probably asking for around US$80 million, including $72 million in wages.


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