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I missed the point. Poorly written Who was the one who the list of votes was about. Santorum?
Obama is giving his instructions to them on how to prevent actions to save America. And he is doing it behind closed doors to make sure America does not find out that HE is planning to shut down the government and close all those parks and memorials that usually are open. Lovers of evil love darkness (secrecy)
How about finding the WHITE CONGRESSIONAL CAUCUS? Or WHITE HISTORY MONTH? Or the NAAWP. Next look for an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROGRAM for whites in sports. The QUOTA should be ONE BLACK ATHLETE in every SEVEN athletes. And NO MORE. Only one in seven black news reporters. Then we need to draft young white men to play the BLACK BEAR HUNTING game.
He makes his living being offended. He blackmails companies into funding his organization of OFFENSE. Where there is NO offense, he makes one up. He will live a long life because God is giving him plenty of time to REPENT. But that is all he has. He is bitter, selfish, abrasive and has NO CHRIST-LIKE LOVE. Christians are to FORGIVE as indicated in the LORD'S PRAYER. "...and forgive us our debts, a we forgive our debtors." So he condemns himself every time he prays the Lord's Prayer.
Hundreds, thousands of muslims. And yet not one Christian. So when is it proof that ISLAM is the problem. The leftists and media are all claiming that most Muslims are NOT radicals, willing to kill innocents. So where is their voice. Where is their action to stop the violence. And the very few who seem to oppose it, could be LYING for the sake of their agenda -- to put islam in control of the whole world. Don't you get it. ONLY MUSLIMS ARE KILLING ALL OVER THE WHOLE WORLD. And yet our muslim president is in DE NILE.
In America today, no place is safe. Even if the parents are walking with them, it is not safe. Even if the parents are armed with a Glock 21, it is not safe. But the government is not satisfied with letting people be free. They want CONTROL.
Linseed is too valuable. Call him hayseed.
The ONLY one with a consistent record is SARAH PALIN. Some who might say they want limited government don't have much of a record. You don't really know what they would do.
Don't forget Romney, the moron, aaaa Mormon. Now you have the liberal establishment side. All clowns. How about someone who has CONSISTENTLY walked the talk? SARAH PALIN.
LOL That is hilarious. He is McCain's running buddy. He is one of the BIGGEST RINOs in all of Congress. Is it his turn to PLAY that he is a good conservative?
Deceived again. They are not going to be training those who will fight ISIS. The ones Obama wants trained are the ones fighting Assad. You know. The guy who left Christians alone. (For all of you who still bemoan taking out Saddam Hussein) It is very possible that they will actually be training ISIS. We might even have some of our guys killed by GREEN attackers. But that is okay. Obama needs to take SOME KIND of illegal action.
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