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This shows just how much our leaders hate the military. There is NO WAY that this was accidental. Not with all the other scandals that Obama seems to be TRYING to create.
Obama and HOlder hate the LEOs as much as they hate the military. After all, O and H are FOR destruction of the nation. And Military and LEO are for the protection of the Constitution and the people. They are basically opposed.
It would appear that Nixon wants to make all the decisions but does not have the courage to claim the responsibility. When your mind is clear and you REALLY have a plan, you will not stammer and stutter. A leader should not be afraid. And Nixon is a coward.
One thing we DON'T want them to do. We don't want them to be BIPARTISAN. We don't want them to include the Democrats in ANY legislation. Why should we. For SIX years we have watched as Reid refused to do anything but pigeon hole every possible Republican bill. THAT is not cooperation. That is not bipartisan. We have seen this before. When they lose, they suddenly want their opponents to treat them as partners when THEY NEVER DO.
Now we go to step TWO. Will Sullivan actually deliver and work to save the nation. Or will he become a crony capitalist?
You can be sure that this paper work was lost by the government. The pastor should make sure that all paperwork is sent by registered mail. Otherwise, some of Obama's muslim people that he has put into bureaucrat positions will LOSE it again. If it is only about missing paperwork, that should be no problem. But that is probably a lie. And you can bet that if this organization was MUSLIM, there would have been no problem.
The definitive politicians. They don't have facts. They don't have memory. They have lies and deception that are totally for their own agenda. How much is it going to take for us to understand that we need TERM LIMITS. And the ones in office right now NEED TO GO.
They were complicit. They can blame as many other people as they want to. But the TRUTH is that they voted WITH Pelosi and that makes them GUILTY. Remove them from office for what they have DONE, not for what they say about who was guilty.
Deception. Is it self deception or are they trying to deceive US. The win was NOT because people wanted the Repubs. They were desparate to get rid of the Dems. They did not win because of their plans. And now they are going to continue to push the same agenda that caused Americans to reject the Dems. And THEY THINK IT IS GOING TO WORK?
You know. Murkowski, Cornyn, Alexander, McConnell.
I saw the first part of the title and thought it was going to be that Republicans had almost caught up with Democrats in VOTER FRAUD.
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