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'willfully? Yes. But as long as she persists in refusing to see the LIFE that is there, she will continue to demand her freedom to be free of the consequences to saying yes to sex. This is the CORE of LAST DAYS. Mankind will become their own god and nothing will matter to them BUT their own desires, lusts and their life.
How appropriate. Filipovic has shown what happens when a liberal mind does not do ANY homework or research and spouts from the top of her empty head. But as long as she considers a baby in the womb as NOTHING and does not acknowledge that it is a person, she will continue in her ignorance. What she needs to do is see a baby in the womb. Hours of watching it wiggle, suck its thimb, stretch and yawn. Then let her watch the video of a baby being torn apart by a suction tube, as it pulls away and tries to escape, only to have arms and then legs torn violently off. The muslims have nothing on an abortion doctor. They are MUCH worse than the animals who cut people's heads off.
The Bilderbergs controlled in 2008 and in 2012. Do you think that they are NOT going to make sure that the one likely to win as a pendulum response to Obama will NOT be one of their own. Name the REAL conservatives. See what the media has done to EVERYONE of them. Real Conservatives? Sarah Palin. Yes Allen West Probably Rand Paul Maybe Ted Cruz Maybe Bobby Jindal Proabably Santorium, Not so much Christie, NEVER Jeb Bush NEVER Rick Perry (Bilderberg) No way Newt Gingrich (CFR) No way Ben Carson. Unknown. REALLY UNKNOWN) No record. Nor government service. NO NO NO. Ad to the list. Who are REAL conservative. Almost no one because the Bilderbergs do not want a conservative. Now they control McConnell, Alexander, Cornyn, Collins, and maybe Rubio. You can't count on ANY of them for ANY conservative action.
These two are equally rotten. Paul proved himself with his "BUDGET". That was nothing a real conservative would have put out. But he wanted to be seen as a mover/shaker. So he COMPROMISED. (That is a dirty word to a patriot) Just exactly how many schills do the Bilderbergs have waiting in the wings to destroy the election in 2016 IF we get to have one. Does anyone really believe that this muslim marxist freespending b*stard is going to actually turn loose of his power and non-stop golfing. NO, HE WILL NOT.
This is one "LEGALLY BLONDE" that our traitorous government thinks we will believe. She does not sound smart. She does not make sense. She seems to have her "talking points' down just fine, but still............that WHINEY VOICE.
Just read some more. You will NOT see one thing before the election. You will NOT see a terrorist attack on American soil. The muslims are not stupid and they know that would be disastrous for Dems. But you WILL see an attack just after the elections.
You really aren't very smart are you? They will not be monitoring ALL of the communications. But IF you stick your head up OR someone powerful gets MAD at you, then they will go back and pull up ALL of your communication. 'And if they can't find something BAD, they will "EDIT" the tape to make you look CRIMINAL. OPEN YOUR EYES. It is about CONTROL, not about monitoring all communication. Once they have SCARED the p out of you, you WILL obey them.
You want security with THIS administration? Get a gun. A big gun. Learn how to use it. Get a CCL. Carry it at all times. That is not much security, but it is the most you will get with this racist, muslim, American-hating postus we have now.
No, he cut his own throat by changing the rules with his nuclear option. Now it no longer requires 60 votes to end debate. Just 51. That just shows you how stupid Democrats are. Of course, we still have Cornyn and McConnell. They probably will join Reid and stop real conservative action. Now is the time to pray that God will remove these corrupt men and women from the land of the living.
Watch out for Begich. He will ask Murkowski for instructions on how to steal an election. Term limits would eliminate this desperation to maintain control and corrupt the Congress.
She should have received nothing but a reminder that New Jersey's moronic legislators will not recognize her CCL and not to carry in the state. This was all the trooper needed to do. But he was and is a BROWN SHIRT. And he will HURT you if he gets a chance.
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