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The definitive politicians. They don't have facts. They don't have memory. They have lies and deception that are totally for their own agenda. How much is it going to take for us to understand that we need TERM LIMITS. And the ones in office right now NEED TO GO.
They were complicit. They can blame as many other people as they want to. But the TRUTH is that they voted WITH Pelosi and that makes them GUILTY. Remove them from office for what they have DONE, not for what they say about who was guilty.
Deception. Is it self deception or are they trying to deceive US. The win was NOT because people wanted the Repubs. They were desparate to get rid of the Dems. They did not win because of their plans. And now they are going to continue to push the same agenda that caused Americans to reject the Dems. And THEY THINK IT IS GOING TO WORK?
You know. Murkowski, Cornyn, Alexander, McConnell.
I saw the first part of the title and thought it was going to be that Republicans had almost caught up with Democrats in VOTER FRAUD.
The unification of terrorists is not to be believed. They might join forces for a while ONLY if they are losing. But as soon as they start to make headway, they will revert to the basic selfishness that is the NATURE of mankind.
Then pray that God will remove him and the other coward, John Kerry from our midst.
And just how are you going to stop him. The ONLY thing you can do is IMPEACH. But the RINOs McConnell, Cornyn, McCain, Graham, Collins and Murkowski will NOT have it. FAce it. Obama is going to force some kind of revolution. And then he will declare martial law, suspend the constitutional rights and declare himself dictator. Think that is crazy. Hide and watch.
McCain campaigning for Cassidy. That is a mistake. That is as bad as Obama campaigning for Landrieu. LOL
She is a liar. And now we all know it. Oh, wait. The LSM has not said a word. So the low-information people still don't know that Democrats and LSM think they are STUPID.
This is all about the take over of our nation. And NOTHING is off limits in the effort to bring us down, so they can step in and SAVE us. And yes, Americans are stupid enough that WHEN it happens, they WILL clamor for these very same elitists to take control to give them some relief from the catastrophe that they have caused
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