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Just one more time that our government is working to destroy American businesses. And there is NOTHING to be gained by our government or excuse for the sweetheart deal with China EXCEPT the desire of our LEADERS to take America down.
The writer oF THIS article is defending the rapists. He/she seems to make a big deal out of the fact that no one could get the accused to TALK. What did he expect. For sure, they are not going to admit ANYTHING. Are they rapists? I am sure that a Rape kit would tell the story, IF, the authorities had made sure that one was used. 1. Stupid girls who go to frat parties. 2. Animal males who think they can do anything and get away with it. Too bad she was not PACKING.
Is that the only promise he has kept?
Obama proves it again. He is a muslim. He will not take meaningful action to stop the violence. But he will claim to be doing something. 1. Non-effective action against ISIS 2. Claiming to have EOed amnesty. But making sure that the order came from a pion so he is not 'LEGALLY" culpable. 3. Claiming to make America less racist while agitating and provoking the least intelligent to loot and riot.
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Putin Expands the Soviet Model

AD15 Wrote: Dec 03, 2014 12:56 PM
Abkhazia just gave up its sovereignty. And they will now take orders from Moscow. What a price for not being attacked. And the more nations who do this same thing, the more intimidating Russia will become. The time will come when Putin will demand soldiers to man the army he sends against Israel.
This is deception. The figures are NOT of real cuts in spending that WOULD help the nation. No, this chart is about the % of GNP. And that may not even be correct as the number of workers has TRULY decreased. This is supposed to make us think that Obama is NOT THAT BAD> It simply is not true. One of the best indicators is to look at a MAJOR 6 lane road in the middle of the morning at YOUR town. I look at my town in Metroplex, Texas and the road is almost empty. THAT is a sure sign of depressed, not recessed, economy. Do not believe this. Even with the price of oil and gas going down, it is not translating into an increase of jobs, because the businesses are still having to deal with the MANDATES of the illegal and unconstitutional OBAMACARE. DO NOT BE DECEIVED . Obama hates America. And he has not let up or changed his mind.
Response to just the title. NO. But it will provide a LITTLE protection for the cops. The reason it will not do more is even if they have video from TEN angles, these people(rioters) are NOT interested in justice and right. They are there for loot and violence against those they hate without cause. And NOTHING will change that.
Truly, pajama boy is not aware of what this world is about. He does not understand that MOST people work for what they get while he and his muggers get things handed to them, either by parents and other who baby him, while the mugger gets stuff given to him at the END of his gun. Talk about disfunctional. They all are. But PJ boy does not understand that NEXT time, they will decide that he DESERVES MORE and will SHOOT him.
Schumer is a deadly snake. Don't trust him for anything. He is just as bad as Obama. Mabye even worse.
This is a real contrast. The Ferguson LEO was doing his job and had reason to fear for his life. The NYC LEO made a preemptive act on the BIG black man and DID kill him with a choke hold. All over illegal cigarettes. But then, NYC is always concerned about little things like mega soft drinks. It is a wonder some NYC cop has not killed some kid for buying an ILLEGAL SOFT DRINK.
As soon as the world and the individual realizes that the Taliban will not win, it will be over. Even the deceived don't want to die for nothing. And right now, the Taliban leaders are persuading their minions that they are winning. All out warfare is the only way to deal with them. They WILL withdraw IF they conclude that we are serious and that they cannot win.
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