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Government Housing is a Bad Idea

AD15 Wrote: Jan 27, 2015 1:58 AM
Government involvement = failure. Put them in the ghetto. It still makes it hard on them. Put them in good neighborhoods, and the crime rate WILL go up. And the people in those neighborhoods will move out. And the good neighborhood will become a ghetto. Going to have to do some PROFILING. Figure out who is going to remain ghetto trash and move them into a locked ghetto. Give the people who are trying a leg up.
You have got to be kidding. CDC was a disaster in the ebola event They had NO IDEA of what to do. And with our budget killing us, the FIRST place to totally shut down as worthless during a depression would be NASA>
From what others are telling me, the Establishment Republican Border bill is nothing but camouflaged hyper amnesty. The R leaders are trying to slip it by when it will do nothing to close the border BUT will give AMNESTY. It is reported that it will take down most of the fence that is already up.
Send a message Put SEVEN attorneys in jail unless they sign an statement naming all of the people who ordered their actions. That is the only way to stop this.
Um does not want unification. He wants to take control, TOTALLY. After all. He is a dictator.
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Late-term Abortion Bill Shelved in House

AD15 Wrote: Jan 22, 2015 4:55 PM
I think that those of you who live in North Carolina should make it your goal to notify Renee and all state voters that she has been exposed for her lies. Give her an opportunity to deny and explain herself. Then, if she is NOT actively responsive to make sure the bill comes to a vote and passes, PRIMARY HER and vote her out of office. MAKE THESE TRAITORS ACCOUNTABLE.
The basis of all sin is the desire to be God ------ the desire for CONTROL.
1. This poll was taken in Utah. 2. This poll was paid for by Establishment REpublicans who want The R's to lose again 3. Someone is lying. Most REpublicans have come to realize that Romney LOST because of who he is.
I missed the point. Poorly written Who was the one who the list of votes was about. Santorum?
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