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If California gets SIX states, I want TEN for Texas. We are bigger, smarter and not bankrupt.
Hagel, the muslim. And he admits that ISIS is BEYOND. Now that means that ISIS has gone beyond the script, or Hagel is finally cognizant of the pure evil of these people. And apparently there are a lot of people in the world, rushing to join the slaughter, who are just as wicked as their leaders.
Why not?
He did not stick out his neck. He made sure that he BROKE the law because THIS deserter was already on the radar of congress. Did you not see that Bergdahl was crying as he was waiting for the Americans to come and get him? Do you not realize that he had figured out that THE TALIBAN could care less about all his efforts for them but just wanted to get back THEIR leaders. This action WILL certainly cost many more lives than those lost trying to retrieve Bergdahl. And for ANYONE, to claim that illegal activity to save an "American traitor's life" was worth it, is just plain stupid. Especially when the illegal IS the POTUS. Had he been a Republican, or conservative, the president would have been impeached and in jail This is CORRUPTION that is blatant and done with arrogance and defiance.
He has too much against him for Obama to take any action. 1. He is white 2. He is a member of the military. 3. He is not an immigrant 4. He is not muslim And Obama will do nothing until it COSTS him something if he does not take action. If they ever do actually impeach him, expect that within days, this Marine WILL be released.
It is abut ILLUSION. The Democrats know that a very large number of people CHOOSE to believe, and they can count on them to swallow whatever they say.
Sure it was illegal. There have been enough REAL criminal activities by this POTUS to fill several books. And yet, with the media, corporate CEOs, the unfaithful Republicans and others ALL supporting and giving him cover, NOT ONE ACTION has been take to stop him. And the longer it goes, the MORE RADICAL will be his CHANGING OF AMERICA. Who has the backbone? Sarah Palin - Yes Ted Cruz - maybe: Allen West - Yes Rand Paul - highly questionable That is about it. How to KNOW who to support and vote for? See who the media is attacking the most. They ARE the best as they are people who Bilderbergs vigorously oppose.
That is a LIE. But then, you don't care about what patriots on the right really think. You are just doing your job and smearing them.
When you get to the bottom of it, Muslims are ALL ABOUT DEATH. They kill Jews. They kill Christians They even kill their own if they misidentify them as someone they hate. They don't even seem to mind dying themselves as they THINK it might lead to paradise IF they have been vicious enough. They fire rockets from amongst the women of children of their own communities,hoping that the return fire will KILL them and elevate their PROPAGANDA. They are now forcing ALL of Gaza to suffer without sufficient water and they could care less. Then you have the real kicker. THE MEDIA and Democrats ARE ON THEIR SIDE.
This man does not believe in God. And IF he were not concerned about HIS OWN IMAGE, he would not care a whit about what anyone else thinks. His words concerning a Downs Syndrome child are indicative of just how heartless and mean spirited he really is. And in truth, he cares not for what anyone thinks about his remark. Right now, he has himself back in the limelight that he has missed for quite some time. So what does HE want? He does not believe that he will answer to God. As to right and wrong, without an absolute of God, there is only the thinking of every individual person and possibly the opinion of the majority. But even that is worthless if he considers most people stupid and unworthy of respect. He is getting old. He has yet to consider who made his soul, what he is worth and what difference his life has made. And IF he should ever consider such questions, he SHOULD recognize that he is WORTHLESS AND USELESS. Proof: He studies the behavior of animals. That certainly is just about worthless.
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