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Women are easier to control. That is why Obama has so many. He either has women, muslims, or marxists. So we know who he is. We also know what she will do. And now, for sure, the Committee had a majority of Republicans and they CAVED on one of the most important positions ever. We have seen what destruction Holder has wrecked. Now it will get worse. The Republicans COULD reject her. Watch as McConnell, Cornyn, Collins and a host of other RINOs show what they truly are.
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Jeb Bush's Empty Indictment

AD15 Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 12:44 AM
You sound like you are trying to defend Jeb. DON'T We don't want him.
That was the perfect time. Round them up. Haul them to a slow, junk boat and ship them back to their desert caves.
You got it backwards. I don't like being likened to Rosie. No way. No how.
The State Department has been out of touch and AGAINST American interests for decades. It, along with DHS and HHS and Dept. of Education are the first one to abolish when we take over our government again. Clean them out. Start over with about 10% as many people who are Real Americans.
Arizona, you have a problem. No, you have TWO problems. And if you don't want to be annexed into Mexico, I suggest you get rid of your RINOS. McCain is a LIE. Flake is a flake.
That is why they did not vote for him. He IS mormon but not even close to moderate. And they knew it.
Obama considers their deaths as collateral damage. But he is determined that the Sunnis, however they call themselves must WIN. And he WILL continue to arm ISIS some way, some how.
Three muslims killed by a white man. Headline news. Big deal (It truly is wrong) Muslims like thousands of Christians all over the world. it is work place violence. It is armed insurgents. It is NOT Islam, It must be something else. Good is bad. Bad is good. All is distorted and love of many grows cold. Do you wonder why?
What a joke. There a millions of ways to commit suicide. So why would the government or a doctor need to be involved. THEY DO NOT, except it opens the door for them taking the next step and deciding FOR YOU that you need to die, FOR THE GREATER GOOD.
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