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Obama and the iPhone

actnow Wrote: Sep 10, 2012 12:07 PM
What fascinates me is that I know of only one person who is hailed by the communists, the Illuminati, the Islamists, the Saudi's, the gay/lesbian movement , the Pro abortion movement, terrorist organizations, (think Ghadaffi) the Vatican, Pan africanists, liberals, atheists, those who preach hatred towards all white people ( Jeremiah Wright), unions, one world government supporters, socialists, the global warming propagandist together with the Feds. They all have negative or diffferent views of America but they like this American...B. Hussein Obama. All over the world they adore him but not the country he rules...Makes one wonder

Remember the apocryphal story from 1992, when -- we were told by a breathless press -- President Bush didn't even know how grocery scanners worked?  As it turned out, the story was false ( but it was used to great effect by a pro-Clinton media to paint the incumbent as out-of-touch.

Well, today comes a story about how President Obama apparently didn't know how to dial an Iphone (; the pool report describes him as looking "befuddled."  If there were any justice, we'd hear as much about this as Bush and the scanner, but don't hold your breath --...