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Is Tougher Border Enforcement a Prerequisite for Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

activated Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 12:38 PM
Solution: Make it law that if you support ILLEGAL immigration, open borders...etc...You MUST let that one or family of felons live with you until they get naturalized, with no financial support from the gov. Whats that libs? Why should YOU have to pay for them?? I thought so.

The "comprehensive" label would suggest that beefed up border security would be at least one integral part of any final reform package, and rest assured that everyone on all sides of the debate will at least claim that it is.  The real question is whether achieving certain concrete benchmarks will be meaningfully required before other elements of the law are triggered, such as starting the clock on a multi-year path to citizenship for illegals.  Virtually every Republican says yes.  Barack Obama (for now) and Janet Napolitano say no.  Chuck Schumer and other Democrats say maybe-ish.  Plus, preliminary legalization...