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I invite that fool to a mental or physical debate. But as he is liberal trash, he would not even dare to consider it. I am sick of filth on the left and make no apologies for my remarks.
"She then goes on to write an ode to birth control, claiming contraceptives help women through school, career and families." Which shows she slept with everything she could. Whatta life!
No, but it seems you want him to be, do you plan on going to see him?
I sure hope no one dresses up as Thor. The actor would probably be sniped due to the fact that his hammer is a deadly as a nuke.
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Zero-Tolerance Zombies

activated Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 10:47 AM
My stepson was running from a bully and got suspended, I took him to school and told him in front of the administration "next time beat the hell out of him, you are going to get suspended anyways" The liberal trash didn't like that much, but what could they do?
With all the 0bama loving nuts following him like a lapdog, and everybody and their brother kneeling before him. You bet true Americans are arming themselves
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The Case for Libertarian Populism

activated Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 3:02 PM
Why reinvent the wheel? Follow the COTUS and everything will fall into place.
By the way, I support marriage between a MAN and a Woman only. Just looking for a pro choice marriage supporter to tell me why it has to be a Man and Woman, Man and Man or Woman and Woman only.
Says who? Not everyone. Why does everyone not have the freedom to marry whoever, whatever they want? How about the woman that married herself?
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