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Lets see your eight year old clear a sewer main clogged with roots. Lets see YOU do it.
...everything on the internet is NOT true?? I guess he wasn't a French model after all.....
Everyone that leaves to join the rapists known as ISIS is a member of the Dem party. They are all traitors and need to be burned alive. I am sick of coddling criminal filth.
Carl must be a total racist. I'll bet he belongs to the KKK...huh? he's black?? Well then, he's an Uncle Tom. -Liberal filth-
Dems will support each other even if videoed raping an infant. Reps will attack each other for supporting Christianity. F%^& them all. You are nearly all traitors to the COTUS. I hope hell finds you sooner than later.
No piece of traitorous liberal filth will try to rebut this. Facts are the enemy.
Keeping those animals alive costs money. So they keep the money for themselves and murder the Dogs, Cats and other innocent creatures.
Keep wishing for the destruction of the world, traitors like you will be eliminated first. Useful idiots are the first to go.
Lois, you are liberal trash, you support the dismemberment and in some cases the consumption of the unborn. You agree with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Osama, Che and many other murderers. You exist only for power grabbing. You are the typical liberal who has betrayed mankind throughout the ages. You would gladly sell your kin into slavery for money. You exist only because Jesus has said it would be a crime to eliminate you. Not mans laws, but Gods.
Most? links please.
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