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Liberal filth still cant answer "what is a fair tax?"
or traitors
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Deport the Tsarnaev Sisters

activated Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 9:37 AM
The traitorous sisters are exactly the kind of scum that liberal filth want in the USA.
To the left and all liberal filth, Christian prayer is hate speech.
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The Case Against Common Core

activated Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 1:59 PM
Its simple, if you are for common core, you are an idiot or in it for the money.
And you are in the military? We will not obey any order that we deem to be unlawful. It is not suicide for our career. We disobey orders every single day. Although it may be for minor issues, we still have to correct leadership and the good leaders expect it.
Totally agree. Conservatives work within the laws, liberal filth works outside the laws. Dems agree, laws are for you but not for me.
Did police really need six bullets to restrain Brown? Restrain? You shoot to kill, and you keep shooting until the threat is over. If anyone was to shoot one bullet at a time, reassess the situation, the defender would be the one dying many of the times.
No liberal filth trying to refute this article? Didn't think so. If they did, they would say that Mr. Root is racist.
Liberals are all idiots. Even the ones that do multiple shootings. If you want to kill a whole lot more folks, get a big truck and run over people, burn a building down, blow something up...etc. Even the liberal trash who stole all their elections are too stupid to see that.
And yet some idiots or traitors still adore the clown. All hail 0
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