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So far, I think the terrorist who chewed his pop-tart into a mountain that his teacher took for a gun is the best of the lot. Unfortunately, he got suspended from school because his teacher can't tell a gun from a mountain.
ADAM Lanza, not Ryan. I feel so sorry for Ryan. His crime was being Adam's brother. Just get your facts straight before you post.
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Hail, Hail Michigan

AConcernedWomanVoter Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 8:26 AM
My father's family was from Michigan. He moved away at a very young age and took a job that did not involve joining a union. His brothers remained in Michigan and took union jobs in the auto industry. When the union said strike, my uncles struck. The 'strike fund' was always quickly used up. Guess who my uncles called upon to assist them in their time of 'need' ... got it in one didn't you. My father. I learned as a young child that unions didn't assist anyone.
I don't see the problem with the 'games going on'. It was probably pretty hard for his team to play that day, but, you know what, they were paid well to do it.
Unfortunately, this is pretty much the traditional way of starting a family these days.
I find it interesting that General Petraeus claims that "Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours." But, it only became unacceptable when he was found out. It appears that it is acceptable until you are caught.
Voter fraud is voter fraud. Whenever a precinct/county/ whatever voters more than 100% of the registered voters, there is fraud involved. Much easier for you libs to be nasty than to admit that cheating happened.
We have voter ID in Virginia ... just bring something with your name on it ... like a utility bill ... and as Mr. Moran said ... anyone can fake a utility bill. Sigh.
' while treating our most important ally in the Middle East as though it were some kind of long-forgotten distant relative relegated to the children’s small table at dinnertime. ' No, he didn't treat them that well. Perhaps you meant to say relegated to the kitchen to do the dishes, or relegated to the back yard to share a bone with the dog ... except I don't think the bone was offered.
You forgot the most important reason we lost. We lost because today's America isn't looking for a candidate who encourages actually changing the entitlement systems. Mitt was right. 47% of the population on welfare, food stamps, social security, medicaid, medicare and all the other entitlements -- those guys and gals aren't looking to have any changes made to their 'entitlements'. Voting for him might have helped make changes. But we would have needed the Senate also. Personally, I am on social security and am paying for medicare and was hoping that we would be able to make serious changes in the entire system because I can see far enough down the road to see a massive problem. But, far too many people are short-sighted.
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