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Women Know What’s At Stake in this Election

a Concerned American Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 5:12 AM
P.S. One example on how the Left's idea of "a woman's right to choose" both begins and ends with abortion, can be seen in NYC with Mayor Mike Bloomberg's attempt to force all mothers, regardless of their individual situation or circumstance, to breast-feed their babies and keep infant formula under lock and key. Last I heard, Bloomberg was (ostensibly) a man - though control freak is more applicable to his rule over the city and its subjects.
Campaigning is really hard work: running from one campaign event to the next, answering hostile questions from the press, kissing babies, and shaking hands. There is no room for mistakes and no time for distractions. Being a politician is a hard life. Don’t laugh; I’m being serious.

Yet politicians need to add something else to their admittedly long to do lists. They need to step back away from the campaign so they can get a sense of the bigger picture and what’s really on the mind of American voters’ these days. If they do, one thing will become immediately...