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5 Reasons 2/23/2013 is Going to Be a Day of Resistance

a Concerned American Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 6:43 AM
The GLBT lobby is actively seeking to convert as many people as possible (as early as childhood) into that dead-end lifestyle for the express purpose of reaching enough "critical mass," population-wise, to reach the leverage to effectively upend totally the Judeo-Christian moral foundations of our society and supplant it with their radical fringe Greenwich Village/San Francisco "values" that were formulated in the '60's and rooted within the so-called "sexual revolution."

Last year, when a Republican candidate should have waltzed to victory, Mitt Romney got his teeth knocked in by a man who could fairly be called the single least competent American President in history. This beating had very real consequences.

1) Barack Obama feels empowered: Liberals are always vulgar in defeat and hubristic in victory, but Barack Obama has become so toweringly arrogant that it wouldn't be a surprise if he were getting himself fitted for a crown. He's acting as if he expects to have anything and everything he wants handed to him on a silver platter and...

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