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Spam off topic. Troll!!
I think Obama thinks he has the black vote in the bag and now needs the illegals to vote for him.
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Kinda reminds me of the Movie Sybil.
Anybody with those traits find Larry Elder as you state. Elderado from the first broadcast I heard on KABC yearsj ago. I miss his parents wisdome. God Bless the Elders.
Amen! His support of same sex marriage and giving illegals status so they can take jobs from the poor and teenager blacks puts him in the no vote catagory. God Bless Sistah
More likely you will be an Aunt Thomas! But you are correct in that most of my black friends will not vote for Obama again.
A little angry and off topic a bit?
White Republican males. Or any policeman.
The real racists are the one's seeing racism in everyone and everything.
My best friend who is black is very unhappy with Obama's performance. He will not vote for Obama. It's not hard to see what 800,000 new legal workers would do to unemployment for people looking for work for three years. Being a home owner and trying to restructure his loan with over three years of delays, nothing has happened yet. Costs of living has gone up and up with Gas at $4.39 a gal no one will forget.
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