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So, you should only eat meat that you have personally harvested, right? Not from canned stockyards. Importing lion meat is likely a difficult task.
So, with this kind of logic, we have no minimum definition and therefore no bounds on abortion to include post live birth. While we squabble on conception, 3 months, 6 months, the abortionists continue to kill.
So, how long after birth is a fetus still a fetus? 1, 2 5 25 years old?
There it is..you can't defend the actions of a sick culture, so you attack with names..
They are still connected yet ripped apart, causing incredible harm on themselves and others. Going simpleton doesn't make a rational argument..
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The Return of Missile Defense

AceOfSpades Wrote: Mar 21, 2013 3:32 PM
Nothing in life is perfect, however, there have been many tests of the missile defense systems that have resulted in successful intercepts of ballistic missiles. go to www.mda.mil and watch a video of one!
Sadly, I moved to Colorado from Kalifornica to get away from the stupid liberals. Now, they are infesting here with disasterous results.
They already do - much worse. Most women captured in battle are raped. If you listen to the LSM you will not hear mutch of the truth.
Let's see, repealing ObamaCare, and gaining the trust of industry that their investments will not go directly to Obama cronies, oil exploration, pipelines...for starters...
How about we talk about obummer's lies about F&F?
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