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With Serious Talks, Gingrich Elevated GOP Race

Account closed Wrote: May 09, 2012 9:40 AM
Romney has elevated his game, but he needs to do more. On Hannity last night, he came off okay, but perhaps chuckled a bit too much when presented with some of Obama's reckless deeds. He talked about jobs and economic growth to the point where it was too much. He needs to hit the O hard on energy, healthcare and the Fannie Freddie debacle. Do not wait until October to educate Americans on the dangerous waters that Dems have steered America into. Obama's energy policies have been a complete disaster. And healthcare? 99% of Americans have never really had to worry about the availability of critical care. Obama touts his plan as saving us from worry. Tell that to the people in England or Canada. You have a serious health issue there, you may
Account closed Wrote: May 09, 2012 9:44 AM
not receive treatment for months. The elderly in those nations must worry much more about critical care.

Hannity showed the Dem ad of Ryan pushing granny over a cliff. This is fertile ground for criticism. Scaring seniors? Taking 500 billion out of Medicare. Ridiculing the only solution offered in the last four years? What does Romney talk about? Jobs and growth.

I write this knowing that he will elevate his game for Obama, but let's not wait.

Watching Newt Gingrich's graceful and low-key withdrawal from the presidential race last week, it was hard not to think back to January in Columbia, S.C., when he drew a wall-to-wall, fired-up crowd to celebrate his blowout victory in that state's primary.

It was the most critical moment of the Republican race. In the days before South Carolina voters went to the polls, Republicans learned Mitt Romney had not won the Iowa caucuses after all; Romney's narrow victory over Rick Santorum turned out to be a narrow defeat. Romney went on to win decisively in New Hampshire, but South Carolina turned into a...