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The President's Alternate Universe

Account closed Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 10:31 PM
Just saw Newt on Greta. He said a lot of the Dems that O is counting to show up tomorrow are going to vote Red. He mentioned that adjacent state West Virginia, where in this year's democrat primary, half of the Dems in the state voted for a guy in prison rather than Obama.

Remember when Republicans pounced on President Obama's July remark that his economic planned "worked"?  Democrats went ballistic, accusing conservatives of taking the president's words "out of context."  He was referring to President Clinton's tax policies, you see, not his programs, per se.  That was the argument, which I contended was a tacit admission that his plans hadn't worked.  Well, guess what The One had to say in Wisconsin just today?

We tried our ideas. They worked. The economy grew. We created jobs. Deficits went down. We tried their ideas. They didn't work. The economy...