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Optimal Binders Full of Fail

Account closed Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 2:01 PM
Crowley is worse than Dan Rather. She should be fired, and if not, CNN's advertisers should be boycotted. The FBI should launch a full investigation of the incident. And Romney needs to take steps to reward honest media during his term and to penalize, in subtle ways, media that masquerades as fair, but is blatantly in the pocket of Democrats. Democracy can't survive without a free press. Here's a solution by the way: Since Dems feel everyone should have access to a cell phone, Republicans should make sure everyone has access to Fox News. That means putting it on the airwaves where cable isn't available.

Progressives are not having a good week.

After a debate “victory” for President Obama, which amounted to simply being caffeinated because the bar was set so low after the first debate, his Libya lies are still haunting him. Yes, moderator Candy Crowley saved his bacon in the moment, but she ended up costing him by forcing a reluctant media to continue to cover the story. He may have won the night, but he lost the week because of it.

Had the president simply taken responsibility for his administration’s security failures, apologized, said it would haunt him and shape his actions...