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Obama's Game Changes

Account closed Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 1:01 PM
Worth a bump Ron 4594 wrote: "Everybody start reading here: Barry Hussein Obama did not “inherit” the economy in 2009. He caused it !!! Barry and the ObambacRATS took control of Congress on January 3, 2007. That is when the destruction of the country, the people and the economy started. That is when 23,000,000 Americans started losing private- sector tax paying jobs. Before that date the country was thriving, unemployment was 4.7%, and an additional 300,000 new private sector jobs were created every month. The DemocRAT-controlled Senate prevents House bills from being law."
Usually after a presidential debate, both sides spin the results. But after the first face-off between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, Obama's exasperated handlers made no such effort. How could they when most opinion polls revealed that two-thirds of viewers thought Obama clearly lost?

Within minutes of the parting handshake, the liberal base went ballistic. Bill Maher, Chris Matthews and Michael Moore all but accused Obama of embarrassing the progressive cause. The post-debate spin focused not on whether the president had been creamed by challenger Mitt Romney, but rather on how that had been possible.

For a while, there...