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Obama Congratulates Incoming French Socialist President

Account closed Wrote: May 07, 2012 2:44 PM
This is good timing for America - something to remind Americans that the Socialist Movement is alive and well, and that voting for Barack and his "Forward" movement will likely set us permanently on such a path. Speaking of "Forward", here is a site that details the many uses of the phrase by Hitler, Stalin and other Socialists. Lots of pics. etc.
In the wake of an electoral victory over the center-right Nicolas Sarkozy, new French president-elect Francois Hollande received a phone call from President Obama. Francois Hollande won election as a French Socialist.

The White House says Obama told Francois Hollande that he looks forward to working with him on a range of shared economic and security challenges.

Obama invited Hollande to visit the White House before this month's G-8 summit at Camp David, Md. Hollande is also expected to attend the NATO summit in Chicago later this month.

Hollande campaigned on raising tax rates...