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Mega-SuperStorm Sandy Endorses Obama, Cites War on Women

Account closed Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 1:23 PM
"Princeton Physics Professor Global Warming Testimony, crushes Gore" Statement to the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee by William Happer, Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics Princeton University, made on February 25, 2009. This is the best article I've ever seen that answers the question "Should we be skeptical." AGW might be happening, but not enough scientific evidence has been documented using legitimate testing standards to warrant spending trillions of dollars and creating another bureaucracy we can never get rid of. Furthermore, it is being pushed on us by The Party of Alinsky - The Party of Manufactured Crises, which uses them as a means to fund itself
Account closed Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 1:23 PM
and steal hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

I wonder if they still teach the old fables "The Sky is Falling" or the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" in school, or have these been banned by America's new Orwellian Propaganda Machine.

It's worth noting that the latest study that was supposed to "end the debate" is already being refuted by the most qualified member of the team issuing the study. And here's another link:

USNbubblehead Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 2:21 PM
Just remember, a vote for Al Gore is a vote for your planet, whatever planet you're from.
comsense08 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 8:24 PM
Yea, he alone sucks up enough energy to keep a small town running. Eats well too apparently! if he would just shut up, we could slow down global warming a whole bunch, don't ya think? yea, if he and all his little butt sucking clones would just close the pie hole, mother earth would cool right down.

Alternately referring to Hurricane Sandy as either a “superstorm” or a “megastorm” our friends at the Liberal Press Office have helped put Sandy in perspective by letting us know that this year’s meteorological winner of American Idol was spawned by global warming, intensified by rising ocean temperatures and sponsored by Big Oil.

Citing no actual scientific evidence- why use science when you believe SO strongly?- it’s apparent that the headlines used by the mainstream media to cover the post-Sandy ascendancy virtually wrote themselves well prior to Sandy’s gestation.

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