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Hey Unions: Welcome to Politics

Account closed Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 9:35 AM
Records of this info are difficult to find, but someone with insider contacts might be able to verify it: George Bush's Justice Department kicked a bunch of union bosses out of one of the big unions and was in the process of prosecuting them for fraud (or the like) when in 2006 the Dems took over the House and consequently, the House Judiciary Committee. It's a good bet that felons were allowed to go free, because that's how Dems do it. (See Mark Rich, et al)
traitorbill Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 9:45 AM
Unions and Black Panthers are above the law because they support the democrats.
chemurdered Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 9:50 AM
Unions and Black Panters are the Democrat party
traitorbill Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 10:00 AM
Gotta throw in the IRS. Somebody has to steal the wealth.
Snarkasterous1 Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 9:44 AM
Well, heck, Fantasy Control - you can't expect the Holder-led DOJ to prosecute actual (union) felons for fraud when they were so busy re-opening already closed cases against the professionals in the nation's intelligence know, those folks who did the hard, tedious work that enabled Obozo to give an order (in legalese designed to cover his behind should things go wrong) for Navy Seals to take out Bin Ladin? Yep, those folks.

This Administration is a travesty. Truly. It (continues to) baffle me how so many still profess to support this abject failure. He should be allowed, come November, to take the little bit of time not now consumed with golf, vacationing, and fundraising, and get a real private sector job.

- Snark

The U.S. Supreme Court, in a hat tip to common sense, decided yesterday that nonunion members can opt out of union fees that are targeted towards political purposes.
“Labor unions must give nonmember workers ‘fresh notice’ of unplanned increases in fees or assessments -- money that might be used for political purposes -- the Supreme Court ruled Thursday,” according to CNN.

For labor unions around the country, it serves as a painful reminder that when they decided to go all-in for Obama in 2008, they alienated the rest of us non-government, non-union members- the 99 Percent- who have to go...

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