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Business and the MSM. And I don't think that will ever change. It's a new world and American overspending paid and will pay for all these inconvenient modifications.
It's over, baby. If it isn't said in the national debates, it won't be heard by those who rely on the MSM. McCain and now Mitt passed up the opportunity to direct voters to a website that would have exposed the truth behind Wall Street, Fannie & Freddie and Bill and the Dems. Eight minutes that could have changed history. Mitt didn't spell out the truth about immigration reform either. 30 million new voters. But he sure was polite. Gun control? Benghazi, Jesus. The Right, with three times the purchasing power of the Left, watches politely as Move-on.org chases advertisers away from Fox News. Now they'll watch politely as Obama moves to destroy that purchasing power through inflation. America's future is now in the hands of the Dems, Big
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The Coming Age of Austerity

Account closed Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 10:29 AM
Reflecting on what Textor and others had to say, there will be austerity, but the American economic engine, when fined tuned can do some amazing things. When the Arizonans ran illegals out of the state, rents dropped, so did unemployment. Romney will have to act swiftly, and the MSM will try to destroy him with even more fervor than they used to destroy Bush's gains, but if he's successful, an entire generation of Americans will wake up from their leftist educational roots and discover that the Democrat Party is what has been holding America down. Just as Romney obliterated a hundred million in attack ads with one debate, so too can free market economics, if given a chance.
The trolls have been Peter Principled.
The undecided always go against the incumbent. Then there's the Bradley Effect. Obama's only hope is electronic voter fraud. Let's hope some hacker hasn't cooked the books on America.
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Waiving Freedom

Account closed Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 10:07 AM
Almost every one of the problems facing this nation would not exist if the actions of over half of its leaders weren't approved of by an adoring media - a media that, under the guise of "fairness" used a virtual monopoly over the airwaves to worm its way into the homes of a big section of the voting public. Their disregard for their journalistic responsibility has been laid bare to all except those voters who still rely on them as their sole source of news - those Americans, until they have the chance to watch a network like Fox, will never know that they have been lied to their whole lives. This can be remedied. The left will scream, but the voters will thank the wise leader who makes Fox available to them. Mitt, tell them about "Frank."
One of your better articles Limbaugh. Why don't you write a book and call it "Glimpses." We've seen more than enough glimpses of the real Obama to for one lifetime. Michelle's "proud" comment, (don't get me started on her "my husband, a Kenyan" comment). The "Where yo dollah?" speech. The "fundamentally change" comment. Remember "It's the public sector that's hurting (at 4% unemployment)"? "you didn't build that." "spread the wealth", "revenge" "I will side with Islam," etc, etc.
Of all the arguments, I think the "2010 vs 2008" argument is the best. 2010 was a suicide mission for Dems, and things haven't gotten any better - in fact, as bad as O was the first two years, he was worse the last two. His disasters became too numerous for his massive propaganda arm to hide. What's really sweet is not only did Obama show himself to be the small and bitter man that most of us knew he was, but that Romney turned out to be everything Obama wasn't. He outmaneuvered O at every turn. The Adult in the Room rose up and will show America what it means to be an American President.
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The President's Alternate Universe

Account closed Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 10:31 PM
Just saw Newt on Greta. He said a lot of the Dems that O is counting to show up tomorrow are going to vote Red. He mentioned that adjacent state West Virginia, where in this year's democrat primary, half of the Dems in the state voted for a guy in prison rather than Obama.
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